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GODSPEED [Forgotten Realms / D&D calcs]

Published by Deer Lord in the blog Deer Lord's blog. Views: 223

Time for some cosmic tier shit
1. The Shadow Epoch

- Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (4e)

Dendar The Night serpent is a primordial and elder evil entity that feeds on nightmares.
As stated above in the ancient past she was large enough to swallow the Sun and plunge the world into darkness, untill beaten by the god Ubato and a new sun was constructed.

Current Dendar isn't nearly as large, but she is prophesied to do the whole sun eating again in the end of days once she eats enough nightmares to be this large. Ubato would then once again fight it. (which sparked a whole cult of fanatics scarificing themselves to fight the serpent to keep it expanding energy instead of eating)

I wanna know exactly how large she actually was, and more importantly, how fast.

So her depowered size would help us with that:
- Champions of Ruin (3.5e)

Adult dragons are typically of the 'Huge' size category, which is 16-32ft in height, so 24ft on average.
Meaning that Dendar's lenght is 12.5 times the size of her mouth.

Diameter of the sun is 1,391,400km, so Dendar's length at that time would have been roughly 17,392,500 km.

For Speed, I'll scale her (pun non-intentional) off the fastest sneko irl (and the only one there are speed stats of on google for some reason), the Black Mamba.
Black Mamba's can go at 11 km/hr, meaning they can cover their body length (3m) in one second.

So by that logic Dendar would be going at 17392500000 m/s which is 58c, FTL.

2. The Wars of Light and Darkness

As is well known and repeated in several sources the Material plane came to existence by the twin goddesses Selune and Shar. They then got into a fight over conflicting views on how the universe should run. What's interesting is this illustration from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for 3rd edition that depicts them as much larger than star-systems

Now doing some pixel scaling from the face, as to avoid "is it in the backround?" issues
I wanted to see what is Selune's arm's length, since it is basic for a person to move its own arms' length in about one second.

For interstellar distance I'll be using the distance from the Sun to our closest star, Proxima Centauri, which is 4.24 light years.

Interstellar distance = 4 px = 4.24 light years
Arm length= 425 px = 450.5 light years

450.5 light years are 4261968044200000000 meters, so
v= 4261968044200000000m/s, or 14,216,395,144.27c ,MFTL+

This is probably an underestimation of their speed too since there are stars that seem closer back there than the ones I chose to scale.

Final Tally:
Shadow Epoch Dendar's movement speed > 58c
Shar/Selune's casual movement speed > 14,216,395,144.27c
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  • Deer Lord
  • Deer Lord
  • Endless Mike
  • Deer Lord
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