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I Cannot Accept that a Person's Sexual Preference is Determiend From Birth

Published by DemonDragonJ in the blog The Halls of Liberated Enlightenment. Views: 190

I am heterosexual, but I accept homosexuality as a natural aspect of this world. I see no reason for homosexual people to be treated poorly because of their preference, and I believe that they deserve the same level of respect that would be given to heterosexual people.

However, one aspect of homosexuality that I cannot accept is the idea that a person's sexual preference is determined from birth, that it is hard-wired into their brain. Some people who dislike homosexuality and homosexual people may say that homosexual people are merely "pretending" to be homosexual, that they can change their preference if they truly wished to do so. Homosexuals counter that argument by saying that they were born the way that they that they cannot change, and that they should be accepted as they are for that reason.

I cannot accept that idea, the idea that a person's sexuality is determined from birth and hard-wired into their brains, because that would require me to accept that my own sexual preference were determined from before I was born. My entire life, my entire worldview, is based on rationality, logic, and a thorough understanding of the world around me. I do not believe anything without tangible and reliable evidence, I must be able to properly understand how something functions before I trust it, and most importantly of all, I believe that intellect, free will, and rationality can overpower instinct and emotion. If I accept that homosexual people were born as they are and did not develop their sexual preference from input as they grew, I will then have to accept that my sexual preferences were ingrained into me and did not develop as I received input from my environment, and that is something I simply cannot accept.

Therefore, as much as I believe that homosexuality should be tolerated and treated as natural, I cannot accept that it, or any sexual preference, is inherent in a person from birth.
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