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iwandesu calc request time:11.75 (multiple verses) the fuck you text limit edition

Published by Scumdesu in the blog Scumdesu's blog. Views: 679

kay lets try this again because this dumb text limit cockblocked me
first edition and second edition
5.Henshin (kamen rider 555)
requested by the blue dash
basically mihara vaped a orphnock with his justice hammer
freaking straightforward really
this guy weights 136kg
given i dont know what is his flesh and organs made of the best i can do for now is to use human vaporization of flesh value
humans density is 1.062g/cc
but apparently actual sources says that vaporization of human body yeilds 2.99 x 10^9 joules
so comparing it with niggatron human body volume
we get
HV=2.99 x 10^9/65913.4
HV=45362.551469 j/cc
anyway now lets get around this kaiju
V=128060 cc
Human vaporization value= 45362.551j/cc
E=V x HV
E=128060 x 45362.551
E=5809128281.06 joules or

or solid building level for kamen rider
no idea if this is good but i suppose it is most likely a bit feat
6.Mega ray ray is a cool fella (pokemon anime)
requested by ratchet man

mega ray ray travel till orbit in a couple of seconds

as you can see it takes 2.05 seconds from the moment of the dash till ray ray is relevantly away from earth
now lets see how far away he went

i will try to use chord method here
chord 298px
height of chord is 14.3px
ER=(14.3/2)+298^2/(8 x 14.3)
ER=783.40 px
Earth radius is 6371000 m
mega ray ray is 16.97px (10.8 meters)
panel height is 260 px
panel lenght is 468px
2*atan(tan(70/2 deg))*(468/260)=pov is 126 deg
2*atan(16.97/(468/tan(126/2 deg)))=8.14125153 deg
for mega ray ray
which gives me about 73.772 meters till rayquaza
now lets get the distance till earth
2*atan(783.40 /(468/tan(126/2 deg)))=146.140714 deg
or about 969630 meters
which makes the total distance ray ray crossed in his dash=969630 -73.772=969556 meters
S=969556 /2.05
anyway just because why not, while using his giga impact ray ray dashes with his top speed (this one apparently) so lets see how much energy we can get
KE=M x V^2 x 0.5
ray ray mass is 392kg
KE=392 x 472954.146341^2 x 0.5
KE=4.3842382e+13 joules

so we have mhs+ and town level anime mega ray ray
fair enough, he is already continent level from primal kyogre anyway

7.the allmighty slash (nanatsu no taizai)
requested by EternalRage
dreyfus explodes a castle with his sword slash

now, as we previously saw here those spike trees are 24 meters tall
tree is 30px
i will shape the affected castle region as a triangular prism
triangle base is=233 px (186.4 m)
triangle side1 is 515 px
triangle side 2 is 561.7 px
triangle perimeter is (b+s1+s2)/2
TP= (233+515+561.7)/2=654.85px
height of a triangle is (2/b).raiz(p.(p-b).(p-s1).(p-s2))
HT= (2/233) x square root (654.85 x (654.85-233)x(654.85-515)x(654.85-561.7 ))
HT=514.928 px (411.9424m)
Area of a triangle is B x H x 0.5
AT=411.9424 x 186.4 x 0.5
AT=38393.03168 m^2
now i will use the triangle base as the lenght of the prism
V=38393.03168 x 186.4
V=7156461.10515 m^3
now i will take 90% of the value to account for hollowness
V=715646.110515 m^3
now i will use violent fragementation of concrete (42j/cc)
E=715646110515 x 42
E=3.0057137e+13 joules

So basically town level for a top tier...
yeah...sure :skully
ok now it is finally done :bigboss
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