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iwandesu calc request time:12.5 (multiple verses) the actual thing edition

Published by iwandesu in the blog iwandesu's blog. Views: 1669

damn i already tried to do this blogs tons of times havent i ?
thats the third time i do it but some incoveniencies cough proto cough prevented me to finish it
first part
2.Truly a showy faggot (rebirth)
requested by lucino like 2 months ago
some lord rises, blasts shit and makes a flashy beam

this is actually pretty easy and straight forward
i'll be using chord method because drawning circles sucks ass
chord is like 610 px (i'm adding 10 px because im apparently blind and didnt see the gap between the end of earth and my line till now)
chord height 61.46 px
now for the formula
Earth radius=(h/2)+c^2/(8h)
ER=(61.46/2)+610^2/(8 x 61.46)
ER=787.52 px
Er=6371000 m
explosion radius is 70.5 px
or around
570341.705607 meters
putting on nuke calculator for widespread and near total fatlaties i get
now for the blast in itself
blast is 465.326px in height(3764462.32 meters)
sadly we have no way to peg a timeframe so i will need to assume 60 seconds
S=62741.0386667 m/s

3.a bunch of useless feats i guess (inherited cyrcle i guess)
requested by brightsteel
so this is really dumb but hey let's do something with it
given a proper corridor needs at least around 1.25 m for width to be comfortable i will assume a lenght of 2.5 meters
now we have door measurements
2040 x 820 x 35 mm is the most common one
which gives me 58548 cm^3 for the door
shear strenght of the oak is 1210 lbf/in^2
this means oak fragmentation is around 8,34 MPA (j/cc)
also violent fragmentation would be something like 18,34 j/cc (2660lbf/in^2)
and pulverization fluctuates between 530-8900 which gives me an average of 4715 or 32,51 j/cc for oak pulverization
just in case if we use the high end we have 61,36 j/cc
anyway back to the actual calc shall we ?
E= V x Fragmentation
E=58548 x 8,34
E=58548 x 8,34
that's quite straight forward i guess
i'll assume he destroyed at least enough for his hand
volume of a hand=379.7 cc
steel fragmentation is 208 j/cc
but given how easy it was i will entertain the violent fragmentation end (568.5j/cc)
E= V x F
E(HE)= V x VF
E= 379.7 x 208
E(HE)=379.7 x 568.5
E=78977.6 joules
E(HE)=215859.45 joules

well...it is good to have a wood values i guess
4.Zakuro likes his baths warm (KHR)
requested by shining force
zakuro fucks all over his hometown because he is byakuran bitch
let's see how good this is

those spike pine trees are around 15-24 meters (20px)
eruption on the mountains height=687px (515.25-824.4 meters)
eruption mountain width 111px (83.25-133.2 m)
eruption of earth height=242px (181.5-290.4m)
eruption of earth width=15px (11.25-18m)
now we have 2 cylinders
for the low end the larger has 2804635.108052 and the smaller has 18041.4548424806
for the high end the smaller has 73897.7990348 m^3 and the larger has 11487785.402582977 m^3
now we add both and multiply by 3 because there are 3 of each in panel
Volume of molten earth (LE)=(2804635.11+18041.45) x 3
Volume of molten earth (HE)=(73897.8+11487785.4025) x 3
Volume(LE)= 8468029.68868m^3
Volume HE=34685049.6049 m^3
it is worthy nothing that those aren't volcanos but mountains which means he also molten the same volume of earth as the one of lava
melting value of rock is 4350 MJ/m^3
E= V x MR
E(LE)=8468029688680 x 4350
E(HE)=34685049604900 x 4350
E(HE)=1.5087997e+17 joules

omg that's awesome :catskully
Fucking choice hibari took more serious attacks from him

5.Chronicles of massively hypersonic alibaba(magi)
requested by jag
basically alibaba reactions are so sharpened that a day or two equals to 100 years
pretty easy really
i will use 1 day as high end and 2 days as low end
1 day=24 hours=86400 seconds
2 days= 48 hours=172800 seconds
100 years=3,154e+9 seconds
S(LE)=3,154e+9/172800=18252.3148148 faster than a human
S(HE)=3,154e+9/86400= 36504.6296
perception of time that goes second by second
human reaction time is 0.25 seconds
S(LE)=73009.2592 m/s or about
13,69689 microseconds for alibaba reactions
S(HE)=146018.5184 m/s
or about 6,84844 microseconds high end

and the faggot can fucking fight using it

Yang vapes ice(rwby)
requested by ER and TBD

weiss is 1.6 cm
anime girls are 6 heads tall
1.6/6=0.267 cm for her head (16 px)
again we are up for the chord method
chord is 393px
height is 71px
ice radius=(h/2)+c^2/(8h)
IR=(71/2)+393^2/(8 x 71)
IR=307.417 px (5.13 meters)
now i need a deepth for the ice
luckily we see how deep weiss stuck her sword frezzing everything in the surrounds
weiss head is 53.15px(26.7cm)
her sword is 198px and after she stucks it is 134px
meaning the deepth is of about 64px (32.15 cm)
now we need to get the volume of such cylinder
which is 26.58064m^3
air is 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen
frozen nitrogen density is 1026.5 kg/m^3
density of solid oxygen is 1426 kg/m^3
NM=26.58064*1026.5 x 0.8
NM=21828.021568 kg
OM=26.58064*1426.5 x 0.2
OM=7583.45659 kg
we are by default assuming this ice sits at 54,75 kelvin
which is oxygen melting point
The heat of fusion of oxygen is 13875 J/kg
Fusion yeild1=7583.45659 *13875
FYO=105220460.186 joules
the energy needed to heat liquid nitrogen is 920 J/kgk
we will be heating this 54.75k ice till it arrives 90,18k
Heating yeild=7583.45659 *920*35.43
HYO=247187317.625 joules
now that the oxygen is at 90.18k we just need to apply its vaporization value
oxygen vaporization value is 213000 J/kg
Vaporization yeild=213000*7583.45659
VY=1615276253.67 joules
now we will deal with nytrogen
specific heat of nitrogen is 1040 j/kgk
nitrogen melting point is at 63k
HYN1=8.25 x 1040 x 21828.021568
HYN1=187284425.053 joules
heat of fusion of nytrogen is 25800 j/kg
FYN=25800 x 21828.021568
FYN=563162956.454 joules
now i just need to heat the nytrogen until it reaches 77.2 k
HNY=14.2 x 21828.021568 x 1040
HNY=322356222.516 joules
now it is time for nytrogen vaporization (199000)
VYN=21828.021568 x 199000
VYN=4343776292.03 joules
and then we just put it at the same temperature as oxygen (90.18k)
HNY3=12.98 x 21828.021568 x 1040
HNY3=294660829 joules
TE= 45832356724.6 joules

so there was a casual city block feat for yang around there :hmm
good for her i guess
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