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Just saw DBS Broly

Published by Endless Mike in the blog Endless Mike's blog. Views: 347

Fairly enjoyable experience. A few notes:

- I'm guessing the destruction of planet Vegeta scene in this movie overrides/retcons the one in the DBS series, so say goodbye to that 'small star level' Freeza calc (in here we get an obvious delayed effect chain reaction with a slow explosion).
- I don't like Freeza in pink. It doesn't look good on him.
- The fighting animation was amazing, of course, as was the choreography
- Whis trolling Broly was great too
- I'm disappointed that Beerus didn't do anything
- The soundtrack was okay, but nothing nearly as intense or memorable as Ultimate Battle
- In the scenes where Goku and Vegeta were arguing about fusing next to Piccolo, the animation and character models suddenly looked really ugly for some reason
- I can't wait to see how people are going to wank that dimension feat... don't get me wrong, it's a great feat (breaking holes into different dimensions and back while fighting) but I've already heard some people claim it's a universe-busting or a dimension-creating feat or something.
- I have no idea how Bulma managed to survive the entire landscape around her being melted and basically turned into Mustafar - while wearing a heavy winter coat, as well
- Gohan fans are going to hate this movie
- Chris Ayres did an amazing job as Freeza, easily the best performance in the movie
- It may be a weeb complaint, but it annoyed me that they kept saying 'Great Ape' instead of 'Oozaru'. It's not like most of the audience who came to see this movie wouldn't know what that meant.
- Also (and this is probably the silliest thing to nitpick about, but indulge me here), I was annoyed when Whis said that the arctic continent wasn't as cold as the vacuum of space, since while that's technically true, space is an insulator so you wouldn't actually feel cold until you had lost a lot of body heat from radiation, which is a lot slower than conduction and convection
- Were the failed fusion attempts really necessary? Just inserting them for the sake of a gag and having Broly beat on Freeza for an hour straight seemed ridiculous from a narrative standpoint. From a feats-based perspective, it's actually really impressive that Freeza managed to not only survive that but get through it with little to no visible damage. Although it's baffling as to why the Earth wasn't destroyed, if Broly was out of control and rampaging like that for a full hour.
- I saw some visual references to movie 12, among others
- At one point, I could swear that Goku used a Rasengan
- The new characters (other than Broly) didn't really do much for me.
- I guess Tarble is canon again... if he ever wasn't in the first place
- I don't get why people with PLs in the multi thousand range were using guns...
- If Broly ever finds out the truth about how his dad died, I feel sorry for Freeza. His ruse wasn't even that good - you could easily tell that the hole in Paragus' body was from a narrow attack like the death beam and not any of the attacks Broly or Goku were throwing around
- Some people were saying that the movie retconned Goku and Vegeta's ages to be the same, but it actually said Goku was around 5 years younger.
- One thing that I forgot to mention was that the speed of Freeza's ships was actually quite impressive, travelling from outside the galaxy to Earth in what couldn't have been more than a few minutes. An eyeball estimate puts the speed somewhere around the area of tens of billions of times c. I don't believe that this directly scales to any characters, but I'd imagine that the likes of Whis and such should be faster, at least when using their warp technique.
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