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KHR : Xanxus Flame of Rage

Published by Shining Force in the blog Shining Force's blog. Views: 497

In KHR-126, Xanxus pulverized a portion of the school building with his Flame of Rage.

Let's scale the dimensions first.

Tsuna Height = 50px = 1.57 m
Wall Height = 55px = 1.727 m

In 2nd scan,

Wall height = 25px = 1.727 m
Crater Depth = 25px = 1.727 m
Crater Width = 146.3px = 10.1 m
Crater Length = 139.53px = 9.64 m
Crater Diameter = 139.53px = 17.27 m
Height of Hole = 250px = 5.5264 m
Volume of Hole = 0.5nr^2l = 462.468 m^3 (Considering as a half cylinder)
Actual Volume = 92.5 m^3 (20% of hole volume)
Crater Volume = 117.523 m^3
Total Volume = 210.023 m^3
Pulverization = 214.35 j/cc = 214,350,000 j/m^3
DC = 4.502e10 J or 10.76 tons of TNT.

For high-end, I'll use vaporization since Basil stated it was disintegrated and there is black scorching smoke coming out.
Vaporization = 25,700 j/cc = 25,700,000,000 j/m^3
DC = 5.4e12 J or 1.29 kilotons of TNT.

Since this was done casually and Xanxus mainly fights with two charged X-Guns, the normal output would be at least 21.52 tons for low-end and 2.58 kilotons for high-end.

His special "barrage of attack" techniques like Scoppio d'Ira would normally deal at least 5x (since Xanxus shoots 5/6 times per gun during barrage) which means 107.6 tons for low-end and 12.9 kilotons for high-end.
  • God Movement
  • ZenithXAbyss
  • Shining Force
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