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King of Fighters Feats - Results

Published by Montanz in the blog Montanz's blog. Views: 1388


Goenitz summons storm and wrecks stadium.

High End = 5687.1 Megatons
Low End = 1420.5 Megatons

This would scale to the top tiers in the Orochi Saga (Kof '95-'97)

Orochi's Dimension Size

FoV scaling from cloud height
Using 200m = 1.3329 km radius
Using 2100m = 13.996 km radius
Using 4000m = 26.659 Km radius

Using average thunderstorm size
Result = 12km radius

This would help in the sense that you get an idea of how far Orochi's Servants can affect the enviroment and how impressive Orochi shutting off the dimension is.

Kill Sat detroys Southtown

Low End = ~300 Kilotons
High End = ~5 Megatons

Used nuke calculator for this, this would scale to practically everyone in the series.

Beam speed

Low End = Mach 874.6
High End = Mach 1166.18

Multiple characters reacted to this just fine, which means almost everyone gets scaling from this.

As usual, feel free to comment and point out any mistakes you may find.
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