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Marvel comic:: Hulk Jumps speed

Published by Chuci28 in the blog Chuci28's blog. Views: 61

Hulk jumps from Earth to space, at a surprising speed.[Image1].

earth Diameter = 759 px = 12742 km
earth Fragment = 103 px = 1729.15 km
Panel height = 285 px
Distance from the planet = 2atan (tan (70/2) * (103/285) = 28.40199885102 degrees.
using angle calculator: 3416.5 km or 3416500
No given timeframe so i'll use a standard assumption of 30 seconds,
30 seconds is probably a reasonable assumption.
V=3416500/30= 113883.33m/s or Mach 332.

Final Tally
Hulk Jumps speed = 113883.33m/s or Mach 332.
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