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Marvel Comic :: Hulk stops a mountain range

Published by Chuci28 in the blog Chuci28's blog. Views: 61

Calculating the infamous "150 billion tonne" feat from SW#4 just because 150 B Tonnes for a mountain range this huge seems just too less. [Image1][Image2][Image3][Image4][Image5].

I don't know how long this range is so let's just use 7500 km for the Andes, since it is directly stated to dwarf them.
Mountain range length = 887px= 7500000 meters
mountain range height=128px= 1082299.88 meters

Since it fell instantly, let's use 5s timeframe
V=1082299.88/5= 216459.976 m/s

KE= 0.5*150000000000000*216459.976^2=

Final Tally
Hulk stops a mountain range= 3514119090744043200000000 Joules or 839.8 Teratons
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