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Marvel Comic:: Iron man destroys a mountain

Published by Chuci28 in the blog Chuci28's blog. Views: 73

terras threw a mountain at iron man like a missile

Credid to Asyulus for providing the pictures, doing the scaling and bringing this to my attention.
mountain diameter=21.6 km or 21600 meters
mountain hight= 10.2 km or 10200 meters.

Volume of cone = (pi × r 2 × h) / 3
V=(pi*(21600/2)^2*10200/3= 1245880248190 m^3 or 1.24588024819e+18 cm^3
It seems that rock was fragmentized (8 j/cc)

1.24588024819e+18*8=9967041985520000000 Joules or 2.38 Gigatons

Final Tally
iron man destroys a mountain=9967041985520000000 Joules or 2.38 Gigatons
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