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MCU Upgrades: Do Blogs Get More Attention?

Published by Edward Nygma in the blog Edward Nygma's blog. Views: 299

---Nobody Will Ever Laugh at MCU Quicksilver Again---

Earth to camera.

= 62.07408209°
= 10,588,000 meters

Sun to camera.
= 15.88240103°
= 4,659,700,000 meters

Distance from Sun to Earth = 149,600,000,000
Distance traveled = 149,600,000,000 - 4,659,700,000 - 10,588,000 = 144,940,300,000 meters
Time = 29frames = 1.126s
Velocity = 144,940,300,000 / 1.126 = 128,721,403,197.15... m/s = 429.36...C

The extra hammer distance was < 50 meters, so I didn't bother.

---Space Laser---

As @GoldenHeart points out in his meta thread; after being active for several minutes, the Bifrost begins to warp space and pull in stars. Thor, of course, breaks the Bifrost at the end of Thor 1. Fenrir and Hulk also take large chunks out of it while fighting in Ragnarok.

There might be some arguments about the exact nature of this singularity. But whatever it is, it can't generate more energetic effects (ie moving stars) than the event that created it. So it's safe to say that, over the course of the singularity's formation, the Bifrost channels the grand total GBE of the moving stars.

tl;dr: Stars < Singularity < Biforst, regardless of what the singularity is.

The bridge's durability would be something like the X * Y / Z = Bifrost durability in joules per second

X = Smallest star GBE
Y = Number of stars
Z = Time the Bifrost beam was active

The Bifrost is active for 390 seconds. I can't find a clip on YT. They all start right after Thor arrives, a couple of minutes after Loki powers up the beam. It's also near impossible to get an exact count on these stars - especially with the debris flying around in frame - but my recounts average around half-a-dozen in motion.

GBE of the smallest star = 9.998 ninatons * 6 / 390 = 0.1538 tenatons (Large Planet level)

Add as many stars as you want. You'd need 390 to get out of Large Planet level (ya know, cause division), and there clearly aren't nearly 400 stars in motion.

---"In the stars" (:maybe Golden)---

Golden also confirmed that Odin did, in fact, turn his wife into stars. How many? I dunno, and I'm not going through and numbering them. The prelude strongly implies it was at least two (they are shown in motion), and I noticed at least two missing from Golden's side-by-side.

Mass of the least massive star: 7% sun's mass = 7 * (1.989 × 10^30) / 100 = 1.3923e+29kg
Mass-Eneregy of two stars = 2.5026737e+46 or 250.3 Foe (Solar Systen level)

@Blade @Adamant soul @TTGL


Mjolnir flight speed: 429 c, FTL
Bifrost durability: 153.8 tenatons, Large Planet level
Odin makes stars: 250.3 Foe, SS level
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