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Mizael Flies to the Moon (Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXaL)

Published by Deer Lord in the blog Deer Lord's blog. Views: 411

Yes ZeXaL is the shittiest YGO series
but also the strongest, and this feat needs calcing


Basically, kaito goes to the moon on a shuttle and Mizael follows
except Mizael does it a lot lot faster

The scene makes it seems like Mizael went from Earth to the moon in like 5 seconds
but from the dialogue we can infer that Orbital 7 picked up on his signal after he was closing in on the moon (unless you want to assume he can pick him up the second he leaves earth...)

So Earth-Moon distance is off the table
I figured a better alternative would be to assume Orbital picked him up as he entered the Moon's atmosphere.

According to NASA this is how it's organized

so we can see that we can talk about the tighter and more loose atmosphere
I'll use them as a high and low end.

Tight atmosphere distance= roughly 3 Lunar radii
Moon's radius= 1,737 km
TAD= 3*1737= 5,211 km
Timeframe= 7 seconds
Low-end Speed= 5211000/7= 744428.57 m/s or Mach 2187.63

Loose atmosphere distance= 8 Lunar radii
LAD= 8*1737=13,896 km
High-end speed= 13896000/7= 1985142.857 m/s or Mach 5833.68

So either way quad digit mach speed Barian Emperors

(Oh and in case you're wondering, calcing this with Earth-Moon distance is relativistic)
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