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Monogatari - Kiss Shot destroys Antartica

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 190

Calc request from @John Wayne.

Kiss Shot destroys Antartica just by jumping. First off, what are the dimensions of Antartica's rocky and icy parts. The ice shelf covering Antartica is 14000000km^2, or 1.4e+13m^2. The ice shelf is on average 1.9km thick, or 1900m.

V = Ah
= 1.4e+13 X 1900
= 2.66e16m^3

The fragmentation looks pretty violent. Violent fragmentation of ice is 0.825 joules per cm^3, or 825000 joules per m^3.

E = 2.66e16 X 825000
= 2.1945e22 joules

Save that for the end. What about the rocky bit? The average elevation in Antartica is 2500m above sea level.

H = 2500m - 1900m
= 600m

V = 1.4e+13 X 600
= 8.4e15m^3

Violent fragmentation of rock is 69000000 joules per m^3.

E = 8.4e15 X 69000000
= 5.79600e23 joules

Finally, to add them both together.

E = 2.1945e22 + 5.79600e23
= 6.01545e23 joules
= 143.77270554493307486 teratons

Let's also get the speed. It takes 12 seconds in that shot to get from Antartica to Japan. Distance from Antartica to Japan is 13,930km.

T = 13,930km/12s
= 1160833.33/340.29
= Mach 3411.30603

Final Results
Kiss Shot destroys Antartica = >143.773 teratons
Kiss Shot jumps from Antartica to Japan = Mach 3411.306
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