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More My Little Pony Calcs: The Ursa Minor and Major

Published by Lifewalker in the blog Lifewalker's blog. Views: 163

Two big famous monsters in My Little Pony that no one has calced yet (at least as far as I can tell). This is gonna be fun. Here's how this is gonna work: I'm going to find the length of the Ursa Minor's head, and it's snout. I will compare the length of it's snout to that of a Kodiak bear, and then use the square cube law to cube the size difference, and multiply by a Kodiak's average weight. I'll do the same to find the weight of the Ursa Major.
Height on hind legs = 753px = 3m

Nose width = 18px = 0.0717131474 meters

Weight = 450 kg

First, to find the size of the Minor, I need something to compare it to, like a pony. Luckily I can do exactly that.

First off: The height of ponies. https://derpicdn.net/img/2014/1/31/539446/large.png This is a size chart with Cheese Sandwich and other ponies in front of it. The taller ponies are around 4 ft tall (they seem to use the imperial system) from the very base of their ears. I'm going to use the smaller pony as the height of a mare. Now while it's true the smaller pony is probably a stallion, but the tips of this small stallions ears reach the base of the ears of a normal stallion next to him. Whenever we see a mare and stallion side by side, the mare's ear tips also reach the base of the stallions ears, so I think this is a safe assumption.

I started from where the ear meets the head and went from there. The smaller pony was difficult since their head was obscured by their mane but I found a rough estimate.
251 / 241 = 1.04149378

Left-hand pony is 4 ft

4 / 1.04149378 = 3.84063745021 ft or 1.170626294824008 meters
Twilight stands at 70 pixels, but I need to take into account that she is standing at an angle. Accounting for the angle, the height becomes 80. The snout is 48 pixels, and the head is 242 pixels.

242 / 80 = 3.025

1.170626294824008 * 3.025 = 3.541 meters for the Minor's head height (this will be important for the Ursa Major scaling)

80 / 48 = 1.66666667

1.170626294824008 / 1.66666667 = 0.702375775 meters

0.702375775 / 0.0717131474 = 9.79423998

Applying square cube law: 9.79423998^3 * 450 = 422790.029 Kilograms or Class K

Scales to Twilight for lifting the thing. I could establish the newtons needed to lift it against gravity, but I'm a lazy boi.

Now for the Major calc (shutting up now). We've established a head height of 3.541 meters for the Ursa Minor, now we'll find out how big the snout of it's mother is in comparison. Ursa Major's nose is 45 pixels and the Ursa Minor's head is 34 pixels.
45 / 34 = 1.32352941

1.32352941 * 3.541 = 4.686 meters

Dividing this by the Kodiak's snout. 4.686 / 0.0717131474 = 65.34

Applying square cube law: 65.34^3 = 278957

450 * 278957 = 125530650 kg or Class M

Talk about massive. How the hell is something so heavy even alive? Scales to Rockhoof for tossing the thing and anyone remotely comparable to him (Lol, Rarity lifted more weight in clouds than this fraud). I could again, get something based on how high he tossed it, but I'm too lazy (plus I don't know any good time-frames or speeds).

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