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Mortal Engines - Panama gets destroyed

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 80

After the 60 Minute War, multiple Slow Bombs hit the Earth, one of which destroys Panama, seperating North and South America. A quick search reveals that Panama has a surface area of 75,517 km^2, or 75517000000m^2. It also has an average elevation of 360m.

V = Ah
= 75517000000 X 360
= 2.718612e13m^3

For a low end we'll go with violent fragmentation (69000000 joules/m^3) and for a high end pulverization (200000000 joules/m^3).

(Low end)

E = 2.718612e13 X 69000000
= 1.8758422800000001e+21 joules
= 448.33706500956026275 gigatons

(High end)
E = 2.718612e13 X 200000000
= 5.437224e21 joules
= 1.2995277246653920145 teratons

Final Results
Slow Bomb destroys Panama (low end) = 448.337 gigatons
Slow Bomb destroys Panama (high end) = 1.29 teratons
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