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My Hero Academia: Double Detroit Smash!

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 523

First of all, this feat is canon.

Now onto the feat.


Izuku and Allmight halt and destroy a massive block of metal that Wolfram throws at them. That's the best quality version, but unfortunately bits of it are cropped out, so we'll look at some other videos to get the full image. The average height of a Japanese man is 171.2cm, or 1.761m (I don't even recall if Wolfram is Japanese or not, but it's good to go with for now).

946 pixels = 1.761m
1 pixel = 1.761m/946 = 0.0018615222m
0.0018615222m X 140 = 0.260613108m

5 pixels = 0.260613108m
1 pixel = 0.260613108m/5 = 0.0521226216m
0.0521226216m X 194 = 10.1117886m

68 pixels = 10.1117886m
1 pixel = 10.1117886m/68 = 0.148702774m
0.148702774m X 2214 = 329.227942m

That's a ridiculously big cube. A big cube it is though, so obviously volume's as a cube.

V = lhw
= 329.227942 X 329.227942 X 329.227942
= 35685358.3m^3

For it's mass I was suggested to use iron. Cast iron weighs 7300kg/m^3.

M = 35685358.3 X 7300
= 260503115590kg

Now for the timeframe.

Timeframe is 0.54 seconds.

362 pixels = 329.227942m
1 pixel = 329.227942m/362 = 0.909469453m
0.909469453m X 633 = 575.694164m

T = 575.694164m/0.54s
= 1066.1003/340.29
= Mach 3.13291692

Let's get our mighty energy!

KE = (0.5)mv^2
= (0.5) X 260503115590 X 1066.1003^2
= 1.48039993e17 joules
= 35.382407504780111651 megatons

It gets blown apart pretty violently. How much energy would that take? Violent fragmentation of steel is 568500000 joules/m^3.

E = 35685358.3 X 568500000
= 2.02871262e16 joules
= 4.8487395315487571423 megatons

Final Results
Wolfram throws giant metal block (speed) = Mach 3.134
Wolfram throws giant metal block (energy) = 35.382 megatons
Deku & All Might destroy metal block = 4.849 megatons
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