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My Hero Academia: Double Detroit Smash!

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 217

First of all, this feat is canon.

Now onto the feat.


Izuku and Allmight halt and destroy a massive block of metal that Wolfram throws at them. That's the best quality version, but unfortunately bits of it are cropped out, so we'll look at some other videos to get the full image. No doubt we see Wolfram in the movie next to Deku or Allmight, but I can't find a good shot at the moment, so for now...the average height of a Japanese man is 171.2cm, or 1.761m (I don't even recall if Wolfram is Japanese or not, but it's good to go with for now).

946 pixels = 1.761m
1 pixel = 1.761m/946 = 0.0018615222m
0.0018615222m X 140 = 0.260613108m

(Next one's from an AMV, sorry, but it still shows the shot.)


5 pixels = 0.260613108m
1 pixel = 0.260613108m/5 = 0.0521226216m
0.0521226216m X 194 = 10.1117886m


18 pixels = 10.1117886m
1 pixel = 10.1117886m/18 = 0.561766033m
0.561766033m X 901 = 506.151196m

That's a ridiculously big cube. A big cube it is though, so obviously volume's as a cube.

V = lhw
= 506.151196 X 506.151196 X 506.151196
= 129670385.562m^3

For it's mass, for now we'll go with titanium (given it weighs more than aluminium, but less than steel or iron). Titanium weighs 4500kg/m^3.

M = 129670385.562 X 4500
= 583516735029kg

Now for the timeframe (from the topmost video).


Timeframe is 0.54 seconds.

362 pixels = 506.151196m
1 pixel = 506.151196/362 = 1.39820772376m
1.39820772376m X 633 = 885.065489m

T = 885.065489m/0.54s
= 1639.01016/340.29
= Mach 4.81650991801

KE = (0.5)mv^2
= (0.5) X 583516735029 X 1639.01016^2
= 7.8376635e+17 joules
= 187.32465344168261367 megatons

Or about 93.6623267208 each for Allmight and Deku.
Final Results
Wolfram throws giant metal block (speed) = Mach 4.817
Wolfram throws giant metal block (energy) = 187.325 megatons
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