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My Hero Academia - Fear not young Midoriya

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 146

From My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, about 1 hour, 17 minutes in.

All Might leaps up the tower on I-Island, ripping the walls of said tower as he goes. Keep in mind, this is a really tall tower. Not sure if Wolfram and his terrorists are Japanese or not, but most characters in MHA are, and he did visit All For One, so we'll be using average height of a Japanese man is 171.2cm, or 1.761m

26 pixels = 1.761m
1 pixel = 1.761m/26 = 0.0677307692m
0.0677307692m X 1433 = 97.0581923m

We don't get quite a full shot of the helipad, but we do in other shots.

337 pixels = 97.0581923m
1 pixel = 97.0581923m/337 = 0.288006505m
0.288006505m X 672 = 193.540371m
0.288006505m X 1045 = 300.966798m

78 pixels = 300.966798m
1 pixel = 300.966798m/78 = 3.85854869m
3.85854869m X 771 = 2974.94104m

All Might in his big form is 220cm (2.20m) tall.

577 pixels = 2.20m
1 pixel = 2.20m/577 = 0.00381282496m
0.00381282496m X 61 = 0.232582323m

50 pixels = 0.232582323m
1 pixel = 0.232582323m/50 = 0.00465164646m
0.00465164646m X 1350 = 6.27972272m

0.00465164646m X 9 = 0.0418648181m

Volume as a rectangular prism (it's an arc, so it'd likely be even higher, but for now that will serve).

V = lhw
= 6.27972272 X 2974.94104 X 0.0418648181
= 782.110361m^3

Violent fragmentation of steel is 568500000 joules/m^3.

E = 782.110361 X 568500000
= 4.4462974e11 joules
= 106.2690583174 tons of TNT

Final Results
All Might jumps I-Island tower = 106.269 tons of TNT
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