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My Opinion of Political "Sex Scandals"

Published by DemonDragonJ in the blog The Halls of Liberated Enlightenment. Views: 150

Political "sex scandals" seem to be a major issue in the news recently, so I have my own opinion about them, as well.

I believe that it is irrational for the people to become emotional or surprised when a major politician is discovered to be engaging in extramarital sexual affairs, as such actions are none of the public's business. Politicians are still people, and they engage in the same activities as do other people, so I believe that it is wrong for the average citizens to judge politicians based upon behavior that is utterly irrelevant to their jobs.

Other public figures, such as athletes, musicians, and actors, or professionals, such as doctors or lawyers, may engage in extramarital affairs, as well, and people do not usually become angry over such events, then, nor do such actions usually threaten the careers of such people, so I fail to understand why people often regard politicians with such scrutiny.

In conclusion, I believe that people should stop becoming so emotional over extramarital affairs in the lives of politicians, and not act as if such occurrences are surprising or despicable, as it is not fair to those politicians, and certainly not an indicator of their competence at their jobs.
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