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My Opinion of the Private Ownership of Firearms

Published by DemonDragonJ in the blog The Halls of Liberated Enlightenment. Views: 193

With such recent events as the death of Trayvon Martin and the massacre in Aurora, Colorado, I wish to express my own opinion on the subject of the private ownership of firearms.

I support the right of ordinary citizens to own firearms for private usage, without exceptions or restrictions. In my mind, acceptable uses of privately-owned firearms include, but are not limited to, hunting of non-human animals, target practice at private clubs, or self-defense. Of course, any of those purposes can be used as excuses for murder, but I believe that that is a risk that must be taken when allowing private ownership and usage of firearms.

I am a believer in the idea that "if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns," meaning that if private citizens are not allowed to legally own firearms, those who seek to use them for violent purposes shall obtain them through whatever means are necessary, putting law-abiding citizens at great risk.

Allowing ordinary citizens to own firearms does incur some risk, but there is risk in nearly any item, such as sharp blades, heavy gardening tools, chemicals, and so forth. The owners of such items must exercise caution and responsibility when using such items, including placing them in secure locations when they are not in use so, that other people cannot find them.

Also, one other important reason for which I support the private ownership of firearms is that average people may need them to defend themselves if this country is ever threatened by a hostile force, either foreign, or domestic. Many of the soldiers who fought in the American Revolutionary War were normal citizens who took action against an oppressive government and used their privately-owned firearms to win their freedom. Therefore, I believe that privately-owned firearms may again be need for such a purpose in the future, and I support the right of the average people to own firearms for that reason.

In summary, that is my opinion on the subject of the private ownership of firearms.
  • Mider T
  • DemonDragonJ
  • DemonDragonJ
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