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My opinions #1

Published by Masterblack06 in the blog Masterblack06's blog. Views: 118

Hopefully I can use this place to write how I feel about certain things without people losing their minds. This'll just be a random place for me to talk about random topics and how I feel personally.

I guess a good place to start would be something my family lords over me alot. Religion.

My family is like super religious and at a very young age they tried to make sure that I was also apart of their religion. But around high School I kinda just stopped believing. It wasn't like some kind life changing event happened that my time could be better spent on other things than worshipping some dude in the sky. No one in my family really knows that I don't consider myself Christian anymore except my mom and she s fine with it as long as I live my life in a decent way ; no drugs no stealing, no gangs, that sort of stuff.

Well I opened up one day to a Christian friend of mine who wanted to know what I believed and I didn't know how to respond right away but after a few days I had my answer. I believe all gods exist in some form or another and they all hang out with each other in a place separate from our own. They don't do anything from there except watch over the beings that believed them into existence.

I know it's something weird but it's how I feel about it. To say that one person's God does or doesn't exist doesn't make sense to me either as we won't ever really know unless we meet them in person. Which probably won't happen unless they come see us themselves

I guess that's about it for now though don't wanna ramble about nonsense for too long
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