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My Review on Alita (2019)

Published by Solrac in the blog Solrac's blog. Views: 65

We all know and love the very mediums we like to call Anime and Manga. They're both inherent fabrics of Japanese entertainment and worldwide pop culture. And then we have their recent live-action Hollywood adaptations and one of these works is Alita. Now I don't really read manga but I have heard quite a lot about Alita on the Internet, though I have next to no knowledge of the series other than the main protagonist being some female combat cyborg who looks like a short-haired teenager. Now I'm not going to try to be long with this review, so I'll summarize the best I can from my own perspective of watching this particular film. The beginning opens up like a typical apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi film (why did I even feel the need to explain that one?). Some doctor named Doctor Dyson Iso (played by Christopher Waltz) goes to a junkyard of some sort and picks up some lost robot parts, which would turn out to be Alita's remaining body. And then she gets repaired and awakened as some cyborg with a forgotten past and such. We see Alita constantly try to uncover her past by going through some intense conflicts like fighting other cyborg assassins like Grewishka to trigger clues to them and she bonds with a human named Hugo and goes through shocking discoveries like the selling of robotic body parts as well as proving her worth to registering as a Hunter Warrior. The movie's plot feels like a typical mysterious protagonist trying to unearth her own nebulous past and going through every means to search the pieces for the entire puzzle and confronting an even bigger threat behind it all, Nova. Alita makes for a somewhat entertaining movie character with her own prodigal strength to match her softer interior personality and the film delivers spectacularly when it comes to its fight scenes, especially against the menacing brute Grewishka, and each encounter with that guy giving the audience a feeling of suspense, intensity, and twists reflected by the progression of both characters. The casting and dialogue were fine from start to finish. The pacing and development was decent. I am going to say that Alita as a movie did bore at times during the beginning, but as it moved further along, it gave me a lot of action and enjoyment to hope for, especially the Motorball scenes and while this is nowhere near the best movie I've seen, it's good enough to be a popcorn flick for me and it's great to see a movie based off a manga of how a robotic protagonist explores herself.

I will grant this movie an overall score of about 7.9 out of 10.
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