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My Review on Penguin Highway

Published by Jakers in the blog Jakers's blog. Views: 32

Out of all the newer anime films I've watched so far this year, this has got to be the most aesthetically pleasing to my attention. When an ad for this movie in a Taipei train station was in my line of sight, it caught my interest and I was definitely wanting to go see this movie with my mother. And the moment I knew it was made by the likes of Studio Colorido, I knew it had to be some pretty good shit there. The plot of this movie is about penguins like the movie poster suggests, but it actually goes far beyond just ordinary penguins interacting with our main human characters, these penguins are seemingly mysterious creatures that can apparently transform into everyday objects as well as even cause what appears to be some sort of blatant distortion in the fabric of reality and the main character, a boy named Aoyama, as well as his two friends, one a girl named Hamamoto, all investigate where all these penguins originate from as they fill the streets and roads of a Japanese town with their presence as well as the nature behind a possible force of even greater mystery than the penguins themselves and in addition, a very cute and attractive woman who works at a dental clinic. And then we have a bully in the class of Aoyama and Hamamoto, named Suzuki, who happens to be a key character in all the chaos of these enigmatic creatures and events that surround the town as they find the truth behind them all. So what is my first impressions of the movie? Well the movie does start off rather dull and lowkey for me, but as the plot and characters progress further, the more this movie intrigued me, despite not understanding Japanese nor its Chinese subtitles shown, and I will say it does have a few savage moments of its own that will leave you feeling a bit scared and even shocked as well as some truly teary-eyed emotional scenes and it's interesting how this movie tries to show the contradiction of both the scientific and the supernatural when pit head to head against each other and I just love how truly surreal this film makes itself. It leaves so much to imagination and wonder. I could go on and on about this film, but I will just say that the art is absolutely stunning, beautiful, and gorgeous and the storytelling is smooth, but could have been better.

I will give this movie a score of at least 9.5 out of 10.
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