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Notes from the Discworld roleplaying game

Published by Galo de Lion in the blog Galo de Lion's blog. Views: 132

The Discworld roleplaying game on some of the various concepts in Discworld. For starters, the probability of the existence of the Disc is low, and it can exist because it exists in a region of Highly Stressed Reality.
The importance of story in the Discworld universe. This is due to the fundamental structure of the universe containing an element of story, quite literally.
On the power of belief and metaphor, and how it can create and empower gods, shape APs and change the world.
Continuing on, we have a part on narrative causality, the fundamental power of stories.
Using making weakens the barriers of reality to let Things in from the Dungeon Dimensions, who can distort reality.
And yes, Sir Terry Pratchett was involved in its creation.
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