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OPM Feat - Saitama's Moon Shockwave Revised

Published by ChaosTheory123 in the blog ChaosTheory123's blog. Views: 4231

A revision of this because I just noticed these rocks around the second band of the shock that I could measure an actual height for.

Only a revision for the DC though, no real need to touch the speed (playing around with projectile motion sims tells me it'd take those rocks still in the air by the time Saitama's been to the moon and back about 30 seconds to reach their apex anyway after a certain height in the range of speeds and heights I was playing with [ergo, 30 seconds for being sent there then 30 seconds to come back works as a nice rough time frame after some lazy sims on top of other things brought up previously])

Moon Diameter = 1,080 pixels

Rock Diameter = 18 pixels

Rock Height = 36 pixels

Shockwave Diameter = 557 pixels

Rock Diameter/Moon Diameter = 0.0167

Rock Height/Moon Diameter = 0.0333

Shockwave Diameter/Moon Diameter = 0.516

Moon Diameter = 3,476,000 meters

Rock Diameter = 58,049 meters

Rock Height = 116,098 meters

Volume = (4/3)PIr^3

Rock Volume = 102,419,546,900,000 m^3

Rock Density = 2,700 kg/m^3

Rock Mass = 276,532,776,600,000,000 kilograms

PE = mgh

g = 1.625 m/s^2

h = Rock Height

PE of Rock = 52,170,466,240,000,000,000,000 joules

Cross-sectional Surface Area of Rock = PIr^2

r = Rock Diameter

Rock Surface Area = 2,646,545,511 m^2

Shockwave Diameter = 1,793,616 meters

Surface Area of Hemisphere = 2PIr^2

r = Shockwave Diameter/2

Shockwave Surface Area = 5,053,343,448,000 m^2

Shockwave/Rock = 1,909.411

Saitama's Casual Physical Might = 99,614,862,110,000,000,000,000,000 joules or 23.809 petatons

Final Tally

Saitama's Casual Physical Might = 23.809 petatons
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