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Owari No Seraph calculation - Crowley slices arrows

Published by TheBlueDash in the blog TheBlueDash's blog. Views: 726


Scaling Image 1:

Crowley is 190 cm (136 pixels)
Arm length + sword is 237.499999 cm
His slice was about 180 degrees so = 746.128252 cm

Scaling Image 2:

Going to angsize....
2atan(tan(70/2)*(42/246)) = 13.634442005576 degrees
inputting to Angsize calculator
Distance is 794.66 cm (If only the distance was less....)

Arrow speed: 100.279 m/s (low end) and 121.92 m/s (High end, The arrows in this show are magic based so it'd probably be faster than our average arrows.)

Low End:

100.279 m/s / 794.66 cm x 746.128252 cm = 94.1547265 m / s

High End:

121.92 m/s / 794.66 cm x 746.128252 cm = 114.47406 m / s
  • Scumdesu
  • Endless Mike
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