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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Jitz in my pants

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 288

First off an NSFW warning...


Stocking goes up the Moons nose with divine boogers and the Moon "sneezes" her out with a mass off...what is clearly not snot.
First off of note, we see the Moon in scale with the Earth a few times. So it should be comparable to the IRL Moon.

The initial sneeze may be a bit difficult to calc due to perspective (but I'll still try it) but the dribble that follows can easily be calced. The Moon has a diameter of 3474.8km.

297 pixels = 3474.8km
1 pixel = 3474.8km/297 = 11.6996633km (11699.6633m)
11699.6633m X 34 = 397788.552m
397788.552m/2 = 198894.276m
11699.6633m X 52 = 608382.492m
608382.492m/2 = 304191.246m
11699.6633m X 464 = 5428643.77m
5428643.77m - 608382.492m = 4820261.28m

Volume of the top part as a cone and the bottom part as half an ellipsoid.

V = πr^2h/3
= π X 198894.276^2 X 4820261.28/3
= 1.9968423e17m^3

V = 4/3πabc
= 4/3 X π X 198894.276 X 198894.276 X 304191.246
= 5.04057279e16/2
= 2.5202864e16m^3

V = 1.9968423e17 + 2.5202864e16
= 2.24887094e17m^3

I can't find what the density of...bodily fluids...are, so I'll just go with water, which weighs 1000kg/m^3.

M = 2.24887094e17 X 1000
= 2.24887094e20kg

Next up for the speed.

18 frames.

T = 1s/25
= 40ms X 18
= 0.72s

T = 5428643.77m/0.72s
= 7539783.01m/s

Let's have our energy!

E = (0.5) X 2.24887094e20 X 7539783.01^2
= 6.39222762e33 joules
= 1.5277790678776288491 yottatons

Now to attempt the initial sneeze. it's hard due to the perspective, but I'll give it a try.

11699.6633m X 72 = 842375.758m
11699.6633m X 574 = 6715606.73m
11699.6633m X 119 = 1392259.93m
1392259.93m/2 = 696129.965m

We'll be using this arc calculator to help us.

The arc is 6993922.75089m long. Volume as a cone.

V = πr^2h/3
= π X 696129.965^2 X 6993922.75089/3
= 3.549197e18m^3

M = 3.549197e18 X 1000
= 3.549197e21kg

Almost done, we just need our timeframe.

16 frames.

T = 40ms X 16
= 0.64s

T = 6993922.75089m/0.64s
= 10928004.3m/s

E = (0.5) X 3.549197e21 X 10928004.3^2
= 2.11924821e35 joules

As a final result, we can also add the above dribble to that.

E = 6.39222762e33 + 2.11924821e35
= 2.18317049e35 joules
= 52.179027007648180359 yottatons

Final Results
Stocking gets "sneezed" on (low end) = 1.528 yottatons
Stocking gets "sneezed" on (high end) = 52.179 yottatons

Not 100% sure about the high end due to the perspective, but the low end is fine. Stocking is hit by both and is at best annoyed.
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  • TTGL
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