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RAVE Feat - The First Overdrive

Published by ChaosTheory123 in the blog ChaosTheory123's blog. Views: 713

This. Does it really need any more explanation?

This being the overdrive that wiped out "1/10th of the world"

Eh... not so much, given they hadn't fully explored the planet back when it happened yet.

A more accurate world map has been done up by the time the series gets underway though IIRC, so I can use that for this anyway.

And that's the entire world of rave.

I figure I can use earth's circumference here (standard OBD assumption being the planet has the diameter of earth and all, and this being RAVE's completed world map, no room to pretend any large ocean's we're not seeing are left off and all that fun shit).

Earth Circumference = 727 pixels

Symphonia = 69 pixels

Symphonia/Earth Circumference = 0.095

Earth Circumference = 40,075 kilometers

Symphonia = 3,807.125 kilometers

Makes sense, given its supposed to be a continent.

The area circled on the map is what the overdrive actually effected.

Symphonia = 36 pixels

Overdrive Diameter = 27 pixels

Overdrive Diameter/Symphonia = 0.75

Overdrive Diameter = 2,855.344 kilometers

calculator, and use total fatalities and all that fun shit.

Overdrive Yield = 171.7 teratons

Endless and Etherion are supposed to be more powerful and shit (Endless and Elie have the hype to fuck over the world though apparently, so... eh)

Final Tally

Overdrive Yield = 171.7 teratons
  • Rax
  • Imagine
  • Rax
  • Boomy
  • Endless Mike
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