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RWBY - The God of Darkness does some shit

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 2708

Because someone has to do it, and everyone just loves RWBY so much. :smugnon


The God of Darkness flies into space and blows a chunk of the Moon away. The chunks in an irregular shape, so we'll have to do some fiddly scaling. The moon has a diameter of 3474.8km.

656 pixels = 3474.8km
1 pixel = 3474.8km/656 = 5.29695122km
5.29695122km X 413 = 2187.64085km (2187640.85m)
5.29695122km X 352 = 1864.52683km (1864526.83m)
5.29695122km X 639 = 3384.75183km (3384751.83m)
5.29695122km X 657 = 3480.09695km (3480096.95m)
5.29695122km X 246 = 1303.05km (1303050m)
5.29695122km X 247 = 1308.34695km (1308346.95m)
5.29695122km X 291 = 1541.41281km (1541412.81m)
5.29695122km X 314 = 1663.24268km (1663242.68m)
5.29695122km X 907 = 4804.33476km (4804334.76m)

We'll be using this arc calculator to help us. First for the bottom part.

Our length (circumference) is 5735324.28322m and our area is 3279808078708.41992m^2. We'll need to take out the bottom left segment though (we'll fill it in again with the next part).
L = 1541412.81/3384751.83 X 100
= 45.5399062%

C = 5735324.28322 X 45.5399062/100
= 5735324.28322m - 2611861.3m
= 3123462.98m

It's length is 5314883.03907m and it's area is 4492058145567.64355m^3.

C = 5314883.03907m + 3123462.98m
= 8438346.02m

The circumference of the Moon is 10,921km, or 10921000m.

C = 10921000m - 8438346.02m
= 2482653.98/10921000 X 100
= 22.7328448%

That may not be the best way to scale the destruction, but it's all I have for now. The mass of the Moon is 7.34767309e22kg

M = 7.34767309e22 X 22.7328448/100
= 1.67033512e22kg

That's the hard stuff out of the way, let's get the timeframe.

1 second & 1 frame.

T = 1s/25
= 40ms + 1s
= 1.04s
= 4804334.76m/1.04s
= 4619552.65m/s

Finally for our energy.

E = (0.5) X 1.67033512e22 X 4619552.65^2
= 1.78226985e35 joules
= 42.597271749521986806 yottatons

On top of that, let's also get the speed that the God of Darkness leaves Remnant.

18 frames.
T = 1s/25
= 40ms X 18
= 0.72s

Distance to the Moon is 384,400km.

T = 384,400km/0.72s
= 533888889/299792458
= 1.78086164 C

Final Results
God of Darkness destroys the Moon = 42.597 yottatons
God of Darkness leaves Remnant = 1.781 C
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