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Sailor Moon Destroy Nemesis

Published by DodoNova in the blog DodoNova's blog. Views: 279

Soo in the second arc of sailor moon, Usagi destroy nemesis and create a gigantic explosion visible from earth, let's calc this:

Thanks to @Nevermind we know the GBE and the size of Nemesis:
Lol it's already a Huge result:
Now we need to know the Size of the explosion:
I created a circular shape for know the real size of the explosion.
  • 2atan(tan(70/2)*(232/504) ) = 35°
Now for the distance, i chose two End, first the Hypotetical Planet nemesis's distance to earth (which is 1.5 lightyears) and the distance to the border of the solar system (a guy claim that nemesis is the 10th planet of the solar system so the distance of Eris to earth is good)
  • High End = 1.5 LY
  • Low End = 96.4 AU
Sooo we have angle and distance we can found the size of this fucking explosion:
  • High End = 8.9482e+15 Meters
  • Low End = 8.1978e+11 Meters
Finally we can applies the Formula for destroying a celestial Body:
  • The surface area of a sphere with 8.9482e+15m divided by 2 in radius = 2.4328493509399E+32 m^2
  • Surface area of Nemesis = 3.9369182497726E+19 m2 (Using nemesis's radius)
  • 2.4328493509399E+32/3.9369182497726E+19 = 6.237948718E+12 Times the GBE of Nemesis
  • E = 6.237948718E+12 x (GBE of Nemesis, or 4.6E+51 Joules) = 2.86902E+64 Joules or 149 Exafoe.
For the Low end, i found 9,8E+56 J or 2 Terafoe
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