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Saint Seiya Episode G Assassin

Published by egressmadara in the blog egressmadara's blog. Views: 414

More reliable translations for chapters 79-105 can also be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1niThtl-IvWco2_LNah26_Rg4topTtgq_VVeIQCBryhA/edit

Chapter 78
Page 13-14

Dohko: Why do you not come with us?
Dohko: To the world that should remain intact for all eternity.
Dohko: A world which possesses Athena.

Shiryu: I don't understand the meaning of what you're saying.
Shiryu: In this world, Ms. Saori, the Goddess Athena, also exists.

Dohko: I too hold the memories of this story.
Dohko: But I believe the world in which I live is the correct one.
Dohko: Shiryu, do you not believe in the same as I?

Dohko: You and I... We both want to save everyone...
Dohko: ... Who fought for Earth.

Shiryu: I hold no memories of this world of yours...
Shiryu: ... What happened?

Dohko: Sooner or later you shall remember... For when the two worlds become one, surely the memories shall flow again.
Dohko: The memories of this violent battle that can never be forgotten.
Dohko: In which many humans and many Saints lost their lives...
Dohko: The Final War.
Dohko: He had invaded to take over Earth.

Page 15

Dohko: Then, the Great Zeus was slain by the attacks...
Dohko: ... Of our hero bathed in blood...
Dohko: ... Who had the most noble appearance...

Chapter 79
Chapter 80
Chapter 82
Chapter 83
Chapter 84
Chapter 85
Chapter 86
Shun: Are you bothered to move them?
Shion: I'm a little annoyed.
Shun: How do you feel?
Shion: I do not feel them.
Shun: Look here, right now ...
Shun: How many fingers are up?

P02 / 03
Shion: It ends up being impossible ...
Shion: ... Hide things from you.
Shion: I've reached a point where I can only see a shadow.
Shion: I can not even recognize your face.
Shion: Shun.
Shun: Shion ... Your Cosmo is huge ...
Shun: ... But you're abusing him.
Shun: The functions of the artificial eyes and arms that you activate with your Cosmo are deteriorating considerably.
Shun: You're ...
Shun: ... Exceeding your own limits.
Shun: As a doctor I can not authorize you to fight again.

P04 / 05

Shion: I am the first to know of my own problems ... However, Shun ...

Shion: ... do I look like a man who would stop fighting for fear of death?

Shun: Negative. You are a brave warrior ...

Shun: ... that he would never turn his back on such a confrontation. But anyway...

Shun: ... I see no alternative but to stop him.

Shun: Just as I am a Knight, I am also a doctor.

Shun: I can not ignore the people who are walking towards death.

Shion: You, who were once represented by the Andromeda Constellation ...

Shion: ... You should understand ...

Shion: ... That using sacrifice as a pillar of support ...

Shion: ... It's how justice can be done.

Shun: I do not know this justice ... And although I can not speak like a Knight ...

Shun: ... As a doctor who has been assigned to take care of you, I believe you have the right to have my words taken into consideration.

Shun: That people close to me find themselves suffering ... And that they disappear before I become aware ...

Shun: I can not stand it anymore.

Shion: I did not ask you anything, but the things you say are very important.

P06 / 07

Shion: Will you keep this secrecy with your professional medical ethics?

Shion: When the time comes, I'd better confirm with my own eyes.

Shion: Justice becomes a huge task.

Shun: Karma ...

Shun: Are we to blame for this karma?

Shion: No.

Shion: That's something only people who are going to die should do.

Shion: You should not get involved in this.

Shion: People who have a future should not get involved in this.

Astronaut 1: What the hell is going on?

Shion: This is a mission of people whose destiny is to die.

P08 / 09

Shion: To oppose the destruction ...

Astronaut 1: It's getting bigger !!!

Shion: ... We will also use destruction!

P10 / 11

Astronaut 2: The appearance of gravitational waves is confirmed!

Astronaut 2: Get ready for gravitational vibrations!

Astronaut 3: Tell the Earth!

Astronaut 3: Measuring the coordinates of fate! The destiny...


P12 / 13

Shura: That's ...
Shura: Suddenly began to emerge a huge Cosmo coming from the sea ?!
Milo: That's not good.
Milo: Is it a "response to resonance?"
Shura: Resonance response?
Shura: Is it a response to someone's call ?!

P14 / 15

Shura: He's ...
Milo: The gravitational vibrations are not very powerful, however an official statement of alert was issued.
Milo: The nucleus is getting bigger.
Shura: The core?
Milo: Shura, it's something I forgot to mention, all the people who have returned to this world ...
Milo: ... They know about the nucleus.
Milo: We all passed by this place.
Milo: It's a black hole, an abyss that lies beneath the earth and the distance between them is the same as that of the sky and the Earth.
Milo: There is a storm of water and black mist that even the gods themselves fear. This place...
Milo: ... It is full of corpses, every time you take a step ...
Milo: ... It is possible to hear a sound of something breaking ... And that sound ...
Milo: ... It resembles as if it were a scream and remains etched in your mind.
Shura: It looks like a dream where one walks toward death ...
Shura: Is it a kind of original experience?
Hyoga: In that case ...

P16 / 17
Hyoga: All the Knights who have returned to this world ...
Hyoga: ... Have they walked back from space where no one can escape?
Hyoga: Or rather ... Ever since Tartarus?
Shura: Hyoga ... Why are you here?
Natassia: Yoshino!
Yoshino: Natassia ?!
Natassia: Natassia and Daddy came together on a trip to work!
Yoshino: Journey to work?
Hyoga: There's a way to solve the Natassia problem.
Hyoga: Knowing this, it was necessary to bring Natassia to this place ...
Hyoga: That's what Shion told me.
Shura: "Trouble"?
Hyoga: ...
Hyoga: It's a bad thing ... I will not talk about it here.
Shura: No ... I should apologize.
Shura: I was not careful enough.
Hyoga: No, do not worry ... Probably ... From the beginning I ...
Hyoga: ... I was attracted to this place.
Shura: What?
Milo: Wait.
Milo: What is it?

P18 / 19

Hyoga: Premonition.
Hyoga: Perception.
Hyoga: Premonition.
Hyoga: Sign.
Milo: The sea ...
Hyoga: Deduction.
Hyoga: Track
Hyoga: Intuition.
Milo: ... It froze.
Hyoga: Everything ...
Hyoga: ... It made me realize, even before I knew it.

Hyoga: This moment is approaching.
Hyoga: That's something ...
Hyoga: ... I already knew

Chapter 87
Chapter 88
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Chapter 105
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Special Chapters E01-E03 (incomplete)
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