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Saint Seiya Next Dimension

Published by egressmadara in the blog egressmadara's blog. Views: 94


Chapter 66
Page 1

Deathtoll - No…..My arm is moving…. By itself. It is impossible to open the Omerta from the inside, but it is much easier to do so from the outside

Someone stop me!

Page 2

Griffon Vermer - This is lamentable, Deathtoll.

Deathtoll - Ahhh, Vermer

Page 3

Vermer: It seems that some of the threads from the cosmic marionette I used earlier on Ikki did not disapear.

I have no other choice but to kill you in this place.

Deathtoll - I want to see you try!

Vermer - i will not kill you quickly. You committed a great sin against me.

Page 4

Dance the dance of death! Cosmic Marionetation Variation.

Deathtoll - Ah… my body moves alone!? What is it!?

Vermer - Arabesque!! croise!! fouette!! pas de chat!! (these are ballet moves in french)

Page 5

Vermer - Now the upper part of your body will be twisted and dropped. Reverse! This is not yet the finale

Page 6

Vermer - The great opening of the legs. En Dehors (a ballet move in french)

At this moment the five ends of your body are twisted and pointing to the wrong sides, at any moment you will begin to scream in pain. This is equal to the suffering in Hell.

Page 7

Vermer - I will give you one last chance. I want you to guide me to Athena…

Deathtoll - Sh….. shut up.

As I said, I was thinking of going to the side of the Hades army ... but as long as they have guys as detestable as you, I refuse to do it until the day of judgment.

Vermer - Do you want me to kill you?

Deathtoll - Kill me.
Vermer - Than I shall give you the grand finale

Page 8

Vermer - The great twirl, pirouette of death!!

Death toll- Gahhhhh!!

Page 9

Dohko- what did you say? I have never seen you before bronze saint. Andromeda Shun, you came from the future?

Page 10

Shun- that is right old master

Dohko- Old Master?

Shun - You called me the same as Shiryu did

Dohko - Ha?

Shun - Have you met Shiryu!?

Dohko - Yes I met him.

Shun - so it was as I thought .... those shooting stars that fell a long time ago ... they were shiryu and hyoga!

Page 11

Dohko - So you’re one of Shiryu’s comrades?

Shun - Yes!

Along with Athena, we have crossed space time from the year 1990. To get here and we parted on the way. and in this, Athena returned to be a baby .....

Dohko - What? What did you say?!

Athena is a baby again?

Shun - Yes!

Page 12

Shun - But even if I say that… you will probably not believe me…

Dohko - That’s not it…. Yes, I believe you.

Shun - Ha?

Dohko - I believed shiryu, my disciple from the future whom I met for the first time....I believe you as well since you are a comrade of Shiryu

Shun - Old Master….then..

Page 13

Shun - Ahhhhh! Argh!

Dohko - even if you tell me this, my feelings remain the same ... no ... they can not change .... I have inherited the will of suikyo. I have to betray athena.

Page 14

Tenma - It seems like there is no other way…. Dohko, in order to protect Athena… I will defeat you and leave this temple of Libra!

Page 15

Vermer - pff, what an unpleasant image. now, according to your will you will die.

What is this?

Page 16

Deathtoll - Give...give it back..

Vermer - Miserable ... he can still breathe ... Your stubbornness is your only great quality.

Deathtoll - Give me back my wig.

Vermer - you are a guy that only makes me laugh....I do not understand why you worry about the appearance of your bald head now that you are about to die

Deathtoll - That’s because you’re an insect

It is said that in distant Japan, the samurai held incense in their armor and so went off to the battlefield.true warriors keep their bodies attractive until the moment of their deaths

Page 17

Deathtoll - of course a person who can’t get his balls up (who can’t get erect) like you would not understand it.

Vermer - It is decided

Deathtoll- Gah!

Vermer - Deathtoll, the hell you’ll fall into will be the fourth pit of the eighth prison

the people who fall there are are those who tricked the people of this world......they have their heads turned 180 degrees and cry tears of blood and repentance that flow from their back, and they wander around eternally.

Page 18
Vermer - Hang on, that's only 120 degrees. Now it's 150 degrees .... and now it's going to be fully 180 degrees.

Page 19
Vermer - What?! What does this mean?! My finger is not obeying my will... Something is pulling on it.

Ikki - pff, how does it feel to turn yourself into a puppet?

Vermer - Grrr! Are you the one..? Who interrupted me?

Page 20
Ikki - I would not say exactly that I interrupted you... I pulled one of the strings that had curled up in my body. In order to return to this place

Phoenix the immortal bird!

Chapter 67
Page 1
Deathtoll - Ikki!
Ikki - Deathtoll...why are you like that?
You continue being a shameful gold saint
Deathtoll- Ahhhh… stop bothering me.
Page 2
Deathtoll-I used the shabadabada to send you to the living world and save you. Why are you back?
Ikki - I had already said.
Deathtoll- Ha?
Ikki - one of my principles is to not owe favors to anyone.
Deathtoll- What??!!
Vermer - pff! Idiot.
Page 3
Vermer - pathetic, you just condemned yourself to death. I will leave your body like Deathtoll’s.
Ikki - stop
Vermer - Tsc!?
Ikki - Cosmic marionetation will not work on me. I have seen it in the future and in this place.
Vermer- what?
Page 4
Vermer - Wretch, do you still keep on saying that nonsense you came from future?
Ikki - You are free to believe me or not.
Page 5
Vermer - Gah! The strings of cosmic marionetation are burning!
Page 6
Curse you, Ikki….
Ikki - You have been defeated Vermer.....I have burnt all your strings
Vermer- Pff. Do you believe that?
Page 7
Ikki - Argh! what is it? There was one left?
Vermer - It is the thread of the underworld.
Ikki - Thread of the underworld?
Vermer -This is the main thread of the cosmic marionetation, it is the only one that is impossible to cut.
Page 8
Vermer - I shall now kill you without delay....Die
Page 9
Vermer - He was too powerful to be a mere Bronze Saint. He was able to fight me, Vermer, under these circumstances.
If he falls into the underworld, I wonder if I can use him as a slave.
Ikki- Ha….hahahahaha
Vermer - What?!
Ikki - You still do not understand?
Page 10
Ikki- as I had said before vermer. How do you feel about becoming a puppet? right now you are a puppet in my hands.
Vermeer - Impossible….what’s going on?!
Page 11
Vermer- What…… what…. What is this?
Page 12
Page 13
Vermeer - But….what was that?!
Ikki - Phoenix Demon Phantom Fist!
Vermeer - Demon Fist?
Ikki - As expected from one of the 3 judges….
Page 14
Ikki - Usually this illusion would have caused death or madness But you no longer have any freedom to move... You have lost, bastard...Return from where you came.... To the world of the dead...
Deathtoll- Hang on!
Page 15
Deathtoll - Ikki!... Let me give him the final blow.... Let me take care of this... If not, my rage won't dissipate Take this! my majestic and mortal ....
Page 16
Deathtoll - Peach Bomber!
Page 17
Deathtoll - Haha… that turned out well. This technique is too beautiful for an idiot like you. Ikki! What do you thik?!
Ikki - ye...yes, its a very terrible technique.

Chapter 68
Page 4
Dohko - It’s useless, even though I am a newly appointed Gold Saint... Bronze children are not rivals for me ...
Page 5
Tenma - argh .... dohko are you serious?
Shun- Do you really want the head of Atena?
Dohko - I will not repeat what I said. I'll end this now. I'm going to take the final blow on you!
Page 6
Dohko - But… but what? That… that is…
so ... you finally showed up ... ... so, just as I expected ... things said by suikyo were true ..?
Page 7
Dohko - What should I do? Shion, you’re the smartest, you should know…
Tell me Shion! Shion!
Page 8
Ikki - Deathtoll, we must be near the Temple of Leo.
Deathtoll- You really must have come from the future to know so much. But Kaiser is extremely severe. He will not let anyone pass
Ikki - I understand.
Page 9
Ikki - The man of Leo is like that. They are completely inflexible men. However, your appearance…
Deathtoll - What’s wrong with it?
Ikki - Do you not think about doing something? That should be uncomfortable.
Deathtoll - Hihihihi! What do I look like? My movements are easier and more comfortable. I really like being like this.
Page 10
Deathtoll - I’m really good this way
Ikki - I see….
Deathtoll - A snake!
Ikki - A snake?
Deathtoll - I hate snakes
Page 11
Ikki - how can you be afraid of something like that? And as a Gold Saint, how can you say such a thing?
Deathtoll - No ... do not do this ... do not kill it! snakes are the most respected beings in the sanctuary.
Ikki - pff, do not say nonsense ... here, the one that is the most respected is…. only the goddess athena.
Page 12
Deathtoll - Certainly...but...but…
Ikki - But? What are you afraid of?
Deathtoll - in a way, the snakes ... are more dear ... they are dearer than Athena to the heart of the knights.
Ikki - Do not make me laugh. Then it is like a snake god.
Page 13
Deathtoll- Ikki!
Ikki - without doubt, no matter what happens ... I will not forgive anything that raises its fangs against me ... I will destroy them ..
Deathtoll - Ahhh! You… you killed it.
Page 14
Ikki - This man is….
Page 15
Kaiser - You made goldie go back even though it was a bit. and it’s first time this happens. What is your name, wretch?
Ikki - Phoenix Ikki!
Page 16
Aries Shion - now ... even ... I could hear for a moment ... dohko screamed my name ... what the hell happened to him ..?
Page 17
Shion - ahh. My...my body cannot move. But..but what the hell is happening?
Page 18
Snake - shion I am a messenger. And you better listen to me, shion. a much more important person to watch than Athena would appear soon.I ask you to serve this person.
Page 19
Snake- Also… will you help cut the head off of Athena?
Shion - Nonsense! I am the Gold Saint of Aries ... that protects the house of Aries ... I will not let you advance any step ... people who want to do harm to Athena…
Page 20
Snake - You can not deny it ... in fact, no Saint can ...
Shion - but what do you mean? what does that mean?
Snake - and because that person ... is that Saint that everyone knows very well.
Shion - what? a saint ?Ah, I understand ... No ... it cannot be…
Page 21
The only man who was called a god in the sanctuary! You mean that knight will revive !?

Chapter 75
Page 01:
Curtain Of The Anticipated New Chapter Rises!!
Turbulence In The Sky, Collapsing Of The Earth!!!
And At The Center Of It All, What Will Happen To This Sanctuary...!?

Page 02-03:
Masami Kurumada Returns With A Zealous Pen!!
The New Galaxy Myth The World Had Been Waiting For Resumes Serialization!
Do Not Miss The Season With Never Seen Before Shocks!!

Dohko: "Mmmm, the earth tremors have become increasingly stronger."
Dohko: "Without a doubt this abnormality of heaven and earth,"
Dohko: "Means before long the Palace of Ophiuchus will appear,"
Dohko: "And then waiting ahead is... the destruction of the entire universe!!"
Dohko: "If... if I don't hurry..."
Dohko: "Qui... quickly make Athena..."
Dohko: "But due to the dimensional turbulence no matter how much time has passed I can't reach the Palace of Scorpio..."
Dohko: "Sheesh... how frustrating."

Page 04:
Tenma: "Shun, the path has collapsed."
Shun: "Could it be caused by the earth tremors?"
Tenma: "Ha ... this extent of collapse is nothing."
Tenma: "Let's go, Shun."
Shun: "Hold... hold on"
Shun: "Tenma"
Tenma: "Huh?"
Shun: "Something is odd."
Tenma: "What is?"

Summary Page:
The Anticipated Serialization Resumes!! Galaxy Playback
Grand Annotation Of The New Century Galaxy Myth That Entangles The Past, Present and Heaven!!

Summary That Is Understood Up To Now:
In order to save Seiya who sustained the curse of Hades, Athena Saori and ther Bronze Saints leaped to the Holy War Era 240 years ago. However, before they arrived, everything has moved toward a Holy War, with the Sanctuary on high alert. In the midst of that, the legendary Gold Saint Ophiuchus who ought to have been sealed was starting to show signs of resurrection. Unprecedented chaos is enveloping the Sanctuary. Saori's life is also being exposed to danger. Will everyone be able to safely return to Seiya's side...!?

Page 05:
Shun: "I can sense something ominous from this collapsed abyss."
Tenma: "Ha, you're overthinking it."
Tenma: "If you're worried I'll test it out."
Tenma: "Shun you follow behind me."
Shun: "Tenma"
Shun: "Uh?"
Shun: "Va ... He vanished."
Shun: "Tenma!!"

Page 06:
Shiryu: "I ought to have arrived right near the vicinity of the Palace of Scorpio."
Shiryu: "The path is collapsing."
Shiryu: "Moreover, what exactly is this spookiness floating from the bottom?"
Shiryu: "It seems if I fall in I'd just keep on dropping forever..."

Page 07:
Shiryu: "Oh well, there's no time to hesitate and what not."
Shiryu: "No matter what happens now I can only continue going forward!!"
Shiryu: "Ah!?"

Page 08-09:
[The Five Old Man Peaks]

Shunrei: "Shiryuuuuuu."
Shunrei: "Welcome back, Shiryu."
Shōryū: "papa."

Page 10:

Shiryu: "Shunrei, I'm home."
Shiryu: "Shōryū have you been a good boy?"
Shōryū: "papa."
Shunrei: "Shōryū is able to write his own name."
Shiryu: "Is that so? Aren't you clever, Shōryū? Ha ha ha."

Page 11:
Shunrei: "Come on, please eat a lot."
Shiryu: "Shunrei."
Shunrei: "Yes?"
Shiryu: "What have I been doing today?"
Shunrei: "Do what... the usual shopping at the bottom village..."
Shiryu: "To the village?"
Shunrei: "Is something wrong, Shiryu?"
Shiryu: "N... No, it's nothing."

Page 12:
[Time had lapsed]

Shiryu: "phew..."

Page 13:
Shōryū: "Father."
Shiryu: "Shōryū."
Shiryu: "Are you leaving?"
Shōryū: "Yes."
Shiryu: "When you go to the town school, work hard at your lessons."
Shōryū: "Yes. Father please also take care of yourself."

[Time had lapsed yet again]

Page 14:
Shiryu: "Umm ... what's the staff that had always been placed here?"
Shiryu: "Is it someone's memento?"
Shiryu: "Mmm..."
Shiryu: "I can't recall."
Shiryu: "Roshi, I'm lacking something!?"
Shiryu: "What is it that I'm lacking!?"
Dohko: "It's forbearance."
Shiryu: "Forbearance?"
Dohko: "I'm not referring to garlic."

Note: Forbearance and garlic are written the same in Japanese (Ninniku).

Page 15:
Dohko: "Through training of desperation you've become stronger."
Dohko: "But you're still lacking something called endurance."
Dohko: "No matter what enemy you face you must not give in to anger and fight recklessly."
Dohko: "Keep an enduring and unwavering heart."
Dohko: "If you do that the Dragon God will approve of you and grant you the precious orb."
Dohko: "It is precisely that moment that you've grasped the so-called highest level of forbearance training."
Shiryu: "The Dragon God granting the precious orb?"
Dohko: "Nevermind. In case anything should happen to me,"
Dohko: "Take this staff as memento."
Shiryu: "Time had lapsed yet again."
Shiryu: "I've even forgotten the memories of Roshi that I've started to remember before I knew ..."

Page 16:
Shiryu: "Shōryū who had returned from town also got married and expanded the family."
Grandchildren: "Gramps! Gramps!"

[Time passed gradually and quietly and the tranquil life continued.]
[Then after many years and months]

Page 17:
[The aged Shiryu now]
[Was about to meet his end ...]

Shiryu: "Everyday has been peaceful..."
Shiryu: "It has been a tranquil life with neither conflict nor anxiety..."

Page 18:

Shiryu: "But it's not right..."
Shiryu: "Something's not right ..."
Shiryu: "Is it alright to end my life like this?..."
Shiryu: "That... That's right!"
Shiryu: "I'm not a person that should end life like this."

Page 19:
Shiryu: "I'm a warrior!"
Shiryu: "A Saint that fights to protect the love and justice on Earth!"
Shiryu: "The place I die is not the bed of illness but the battlefield!!"

Page 20:
Shun: "Mmm......"
Shun: "Kuh"
Shun: "Tenma, are you alright?"
Tenma: "Sh... Shun, you saved me..."

Page 21:
Tenma: "For an instant?"
Shun: "I was shocked because Tenma vanished for an instant."
Tenma: "It wasn't an instant."
Tenma: "I was lost for a long time within the darkness."
Shun: "Within the darkness?"
Tenma: "Yeah, that is certainly the reality."
Shun: "There seemed to be some absolutely incredible things."
Shun: "Is this dimensional distortion responsible?"
Tenma: "Now we can't carelessly leap over it."
Shun: "Since if we get caught up in it we don't know where we'd get blown away to."

Page 22:
Shiryu: "Huh... huh.... huh... huh..."
Shiryu: "Just ... Just now was it a HanDan dream (vain dream of wealth and splendor)?"
Shiryu: "N ... No, it wasn't a dream. That was certainly reality..."
Shiryu: "I had lived through several decades of my life..."

Page 23:
Shiryu: "If I didn't have this staff, I probably would have ended with a tranquil life there."
Shiryu: "To think that there is still frailty remaining in my heart..."
Shiryu: "But now I've shaken it all off."
Shiryu: "I am Athena's Saint."
Shiryu: Aiming For The Palace of Scorpio!!

Attaining An Unwavering Resolve That Transcends Dimensions!!
Shiryu, Dashes!!

Chapter 78
Page 1
Shiryu - a gem! inside the cane that I have as a souvenir from the old mastro ... he hid this gem ?!
Page 2
Ecarlate - the ascending dragon that is on the back of shiryu ... is taking the gem!
Page 3
Shiryu - the old master once told me about patience, the hardest test of all, and that once I get it the dragon god would give me his gem.
Page 4
Shiryu - Perhaps the return from that calm selfish dream of happiness to the fiery battlefield has caused the dragon god to recognize me ...? Does this mean that I have an impenetrable heart that is capable of resisting any difficulty?
Ecarlate - shiryu, I did not believe it but without a doubt now I have been able to verify it with my own eyes. Aman like you who has been recognized by the Dragon God is one who possesses an unbreakable strength and fervently follows justice. However, even if you have received the gem, your situation remains the same. That's because the damage you've received so far has already begun to worsen.
Page 5
Shiryu - Guwah! My blood is coming out of the wounds caused by the scarlet needle!
Ecarlate - With this you will begin to lose all your 5 senses. your death is very close
Shiryu - in that case, before that happens ... I must finish this fight ...
Ecarlate - stop..
Page 6
Ecarlate - damn, you're a man who has been recognized by the Dragon God. I do not have the courage to take your life away. If you leave here now, you will survive.
Shiryu - The selfish dream of falsehood is over. I refused to lead a quiet life and chose the path of a warrior. for that reason the god dragon has recognized me. If I leave this place as you are asking, the gem of my back will disappear and will not appear again.
Ecarlate - I see ... unfortunate I will give the necessary importance to that will you have. For that reason it would be better if you die in this place.
Page 7
Ecarlate - I will unleash all the power of the scorpio sign to this final blow, Antares. This will be my way of showing respect to that recognized by the dragon god! Come at once.
Shiryu - Here I go. Now you will receive the fist of the ascending dragon that has a gem in its claw. the greatest technique of dragon shiryu.
Page 8
Ecarlate - Scarlet Needle Antares
Shiryu - Rozan Shoryu ha
Page 10
Dohko - That shockwave that came out of the Scorpio Temple… Was it due to the collision between Shoryu Ha and Antares? shiryu, although you really are the heir of Libra ... You are not a rival to Ecarlate. Shiryu .. are you dead?
Page 11
Shiryu - Just as expected from a Gold Saint like you, Ecarlate. I lost....
Page 12
Ecarlate - You are wrong, Shiryu….
Page 13
Ecarlate - the loser was me. Damn, you destroyed the Scorpio sting !!
Page 14
Ecarlate - it is admirable that you have done it while losing your 5 senses ... as it was to be expected of the man who carries the gem on his back ..
Despite the condition your body is in, you still think about going to Athena?
Shiryu - How many times do you want me to repeat it to you? Even if death is in front of me, I have to keep going even if I have to drag myself. When a man falls, he will always do so by leaning forward.
Page 15
Ecarlate - Do not move. I told you do not move!
Page 16
Ecarlate - I just pressed your shinoten. you will stop bleeding and with that your five senses will recover a little.
Shiryu - Ecarlate. Why?
Ecarlate - How many times do you want me to repeat it to you? I lost this fight.You can follow your path, go to Athena's side ..
Shiryu - Ecarlate…
Page 17
Ecarlate - however, within a very short time the Temple of Ophiuchus will appear ... I do not know what is going to happen from now on. It is very likely that the next time we meet you have to take your life.
Shiryu - I get it! until then…
Ecarlate - In the era of myth there was a temple between the Temple of the Scorpion and the next temple, the Temple of the Centaur. That was the legendary Temple of Ophiuchus. Along with that Odysseus, will be reborn as ... the thirteenth Golden saint.
Page 18
Odysseus when you revive…. What will you do?!

Chapter 79
Chapter 80
Chapter 81
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