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Shadow Hearts stuff

Published by Keollyn in the blog Because I can. Views: 298

Decided to make this more than just Yuri's spell

Yuri shoots at a galaxy

Well not really. In fact, I have no clue what he's actually doing, thus the blog. For a long time I've been trying to understand what he's shooting at with his final spell "For the Children"



Well we know for sure he's shooting at something in space, that much is a given. But what? My interpretation: He's shooting at an active galaxy or a dwarf galaxy.

As for why it could possibly be those things; its bright core. It shares similarities to something like Seyfert galaxy with its bright core. It's obviously not to scale, but these things rarely are

It seems to also share similarities with a quasar. Quasar are also noted to change luminosity very rapidly, which we see in that spell.

Yuri's Infinite Mass Punch

Yuri dips past a few galactic clouds before returning to give a stellar high five

Meta-God does some celestial renovation

Meta gathers up all the planets in the solar system before having the sun go nova and launch them at party

Hilda punts foe into space


Impressive for someone who's far from the top of the list

Start velocity = 0 m/s
Final velocity = 1.99617149e+16
Distance = 3.9924e+16
Mass = 60kg
Time = 2 seconds

Came to 2.3908545e34 joules

Powerful weapons

There a few of them that are pretty powerful for standard equipment. Here is a couple with cutscene implication

Nautilus (Joachim wpn) can destroy the earth

Gepetto: Yeah. He's got a strange power. Whenever he beats a monster, he takes
their souls and then can fuse with them.

http://lparchive.org/Shadow-Hearts-Covenant/Update 142/40-040_grailgazer.jpg
http://lparchive.org/Shadow-Hearts-Covenant/Update 142/165-165_onlooker.jpg
http://lparchive.org/Shadow-Hearts-Covenant/Update 142/167-167_orobas.jpg
http://lparchive.org/Shadow-Hearts-Covenant/Update 142/171-171_raijin.jpg
http://lparchive.org/Shadow-Hearts-Covenant/Update 142/174-174_yasakanigem.jpg

http://lparchive.org/Shadow-Hearts-Covenant/Update 144/31-31_eternalkey.jpg

http://lparchive.org/Shadow-Hearts-Covenant/Update 145/16-16_kendoarmor.jpg
http://lparchive.org/Shadow-Hearts-Covenant/Update 145/14-14_dandyskimono.jpg
http://lparchive.org/Shadow-Hearts/Update 61/4-2406028970104044975S600x600Q85.jpg

So Kurando can fuck with stars (he better, ^ (use bro) need not be weaker than Hilda-kun)

Skill description
"Jutendouji calls upon the stars to reduce the amount of special damage taken for one ally by a 1/4."

http://lparchive.org/Shadow-Hearts-Covenant/Update 142/86-086_shoki.jpg

Some adage to SH multiverse

Mental Realm
Underworld (referenced here
Mirror World
Timeless world
Abyss (separate reference from the underworld/hell. Noted here
Alien Dimension
Heaven (Angel fell to Earth. Even alluded in a key). Also referenced here and alluded here
The Nine Worlds (see above. Yggdrasil is said to connect the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology)
Other world
Various dimensions 1, 2

Kurando abilities

Steal souls

Roger Bacon, someone who has an observatory that's better than some modern world ones and devices that can teleport people to the moon, tells us that the home of Meta-God is located in Messer 72; some 4,800,000 lightyears away from Earth

Now, this real world cluster is located 54,500 light years away from Earth, making it stationed in the Milky Way galaxy. Since there is no reason to believe that Shadow Hearts one is located outside of the Milky Way (only distance was referenced, for that reason, every other real world markers stay the same), that would mean that the series Milky Way is actually larger than our own.

At bare minimum, that would be 4,800,000 lightyears in diameter (which isn't so, since that would assume that we're counting M72 in all direction)

Joachim creating (?) a pocket dimension to host the He-Man Sushi shop

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