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Shigaraki fucks up a town.

Published by Juan in the blog Juan's blog. Views: 235

So, pretty simple feat. Shigaraki went fucking insane and created a huge crater in a city. Let's attempt to calc it, shall we?

Let's begin with the simple part.

The crater is 617 px wide and 62 px tall. Luckily, we have a lot of windows nearby to get a reference for size.

This window is 2px. I used this one since it's the one closest to the crater and therefore the better comparison.

Relevant images:

A quick google search gives me a wide range for window sizes, going from 24 inches to 60 inches. I'll get an average of that, which is 42 inches, or 1.066 meters.

2px = 1.066 meters. 1.066/2 = 0.533 meters per pixel.

Meaning that width is 328.8 meters and height is 33 meters.

If length is 328.8 meters, then radius is 164.4 meters.

I'll treat it as a spherical cap.

Volume of a spherical cap is 524,811,220,920 cubic centimeters.

Now, I don't know what method of destruction I should consider for Shigaraki's quirk, and although it looks like violent fragmentation for me, pulverization is defined as

Which is basically what Shigaraki's quirk does, so :catshrug I'll do both,


Rock fragmentation is 69j/cc.

524811220920 x 69 (nice) = 8.65 kilotons, barely Town level.

Pulverization is 214j/cc, so 524811220920 x 214 = 26.84 kilotons, somewhat in the Town range.

This doesn't really change the verse's standing, since All Might and AFO were already City level. I guess you can scale Gigantomachia to him or something. :catshrug

Probably fucked up the math, so if anyone can give it a look, please do.
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