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Sizzzlers (Gunbuster!)

Published by Galo de Lion in the blog Galo de Lion's blog. Views: 415

Yet another Gunbuster! calc! Taking the info from here, we get us some handy infomation...

It has a reactor power of 10^26 joules. That gives us 23.9005736138 petatons.

Next is relativistic kinetic energy. At their best, they move at 91.2% of the speed of light, and they weigh 2900 tons. Putting that through the revlativistic kinetic energy calculator, we get 3.731E+23 joules, or 89.173040153 teratons.

Final Results
Sizzlers Reactor Output = 23.9005 petatons
Sizzlers Revativistic Kinetic Energy = 89.1730 teratons
  • Haro
  • Endless Mike
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