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Skyrim - Witch levitates boulder

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 67


What looks like a Foresworn witch lifts a massive boulder. The volume is hard to determine, but for now at least I'll go with the volume for a pyrimad frustrum, with the top and bottom areas as triangles. The average height of a Norwegian woman is 167.2cm, or 1.672m.

56 pixels = 1.672m
1 pixel = 1.672m/56 = 0.0298571429m
0.0298571429m X 284 = 8.47942858m
0.0298571429m X 115 = 3.43357143m
0.0298571429m X 85 = 2.53785715m
0.0298571429m X 52 = 1.55257143m
0.0298571429m X 429 = 12.8087143m
0.0298571429m X 149 = 4.44871429m
0.0298571429m X 230 = 6.86714287m
0.0298571429m X 108 = 3.22457143m
0.0298571429m X 87 = 2.59757143m
0.0298571429m X 6 = 0.179142857m

A = hb/2
= 3.43357143 X 1.55257143/2
= 2.66543245m^2

A = hb/2
= 4.44871429 X 3.22457143/2
= 7.1725985m^2

Entering those values and the height of 8.47942858m through the pyramidal frustrum calculator and we get a volume of 40.165507815095m^3. Granite weighs 2691kg per m^3.

M = 40.165507815095 X 2691
= 108085.382kg

Finally to find our energy using GPE.

E = 0.179142857 X 9.807 X 1789136100
= 3.14325091e9 joules
= 0.7512549976099 tons of TNT

Final Results
Witch levitates boulder = >0.751 tons of TNT

The scalings not quite right, but it shows the general level of energy required to pull this off, and ultimately the result would be even higher. Keep in mind this is a nobody witch too, and not even a hagraven.
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