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Some scattered thoughts on the multiverse presented in "World of Final Fantasy"

Published by Hikki in the blog SOS Brigade - OBD Chapter. Views: 116

While Final Fantasy has a well-known multiverse that became apparent due to the Dissidia series, but the series has gone far beyond the Final Fantasy games themselves. The easiest place to begin with is with World of Final Fantasy due to the fact that this not only envelops the multiverse found in the Final Fantasy series but others series and outside forces that aren’t evidently present within any of the latter’s games.

The best place to begin with is with an explanation of the differing timelines and general setting in Sigma Harmonics. The world of Sigma Harmonics has a number of differing timelines such as Sigma Kurogami’s where Neon Tsukuyumi is alive as well as the original timeline where Nene Kurogami is dead. The number of timelines that we see in whole is very small. In fact, we only see two or three whereas the other alternate timelines are simply rewrites of previous history of Sigma’s timeline. There should, though, be more alternate timelines that we did not see due to the fact that Sigma Hossui, during the ending, indicated that there are other Sigma’s that had been, and could still be, at work. Outside of these timelines is the Void of Time, which is a world where time doesn’t exist because it exists in the void between time itself. Within this void of time where the Void of Times exists roam ouma, who are not necessarily bound to the laws of space-time as is known. Information in regards to the Void of Time can be found in the prelude. While this game isn’t well-known, the setting isn’t complicated to understand and with this basic understanding of it, it’s all right to move onto World of Final Fantasy.

The “Who’s Who” of The Girl Who Forgot Her Name (Nene Kurogami) in World of Final Fantasy mentions in the passing the idea of the Extraverse: “Before arriving in the strange space adjacent to Grymoire along with her big clock, the Girl had to travel there from the Extraverse. One such pathway was opened after the diabolos-king lost control of his own power over fantasy.” The Extraverse is the world that surrounds Grymoire, but it also surrounds most other worlds in the series as well. It is the alleged home to unreasonable gods. While these portions are part of a prophecy that isn’t completely confirmed, many details match what we do know from the game and the extras outside of the game. Because of this, I’ll say that the Extraverse is the area that surrounds everything that exists, or at least the area that links all worlds together.

Within the Extraverse are multiple realms. The most commonly referred to realm is the Realms of Fantasy. According to how Enna Kros created her Champion System, the Realms of Fantasy refer to the worlds that make up Final Fantasy. From this game, we can see a number of games including the Crystal Chronicles series connected to Final Fantasy and Sigma Harmonics in some way. A sub-section within the Realms of Fantasy contains Enna Kros’s A-Worlds. According to Tonberry’s profile, these occasionally branch off at divergent points, creating a new parallel world for Enna Kros’s continually expanding domain.

Interestingly enough, there are worlds that existed before the Realms of Fantasy, meaning that there are worlds that predate the worlds found in the Final Fantasy games. In Enna Kros’s profile, we’re told that Roksanne’s and Aris’s world predate the Realms of Fantasy. In Serafie’s profile, it’s mentioned that her, Tama, and Enna Kros back before Enna became a god. This tells us that the World of Wind Pixies may predate the Realms of Fantasy but guarantees that the World of Alexander. This may also be a similar case for the other worlds for Diabolos and Bahamut. Tama mentions late in the game that there are a googolplex of worlds that were threatened by the Exnine Knights, and they specifically target A-Worlds, which may indicate how many A-Worlds are within the Realm of Fantasy already.

Finally, we get to Final Fantasy itself. This part of the multiverse is composed of quite a number of universes. The most evident multiverse in this series is that one found in XI. In the Voidwalk story line, a version of Cait Sith from an alternate dimension clarifies that they are not the Cait Sith from the Wings of the Goddess storyline: “Is there a problem of sorts? Something concerning you? … Different, you say? Dear me… it would seem that I’ve wandered into an entirely different plane of existence. Become a stray cait. I am Caith Sith, this is true, but not the Cait Sith you know. They Cait Sith you know is not me. A curious state, yes, but such is the nature of dimensional flux. Parallel worlds—infinite possibilities that might have been, had things only happened differently. Taken another turn. From one such world do I hail.” In XI, the parallel worlds that Cait Sith discusses are the countless possibilities that represent what didn’t happen in the universe where the hero resides. We can see this example come up with various alternate worlds such as Abyssea and the original timeline where the Crystal War never ended. As far as I know, this infinite representation of differing possibilities only applies to XI. This section of the multiverse is connected together in the Walk of Echoes, which is where the true body of Atomos resides.

There are also various interdimensional worlds that reside within and alongside various Final Fantasy worlds. For example, in Final Fantasy II, heaven and hell both exist as dimensions alongside the main world of II. In Final Fantasy III, the existence of the World of Light and the World of Darkness. VI contains the Esper World, though whether it still exists after the events of the end of the game is questionable. By the end of Lightning’s saga, there are three worlds: the New World, Cosmogenesis, and the Unseen Realm. Crystal Chronicles the only two worlds that are there are the main Earth and the Nest of Memories.

Of note is Shinryu Versus’s profile in Dissidia 012: “Of the countless futures in existence, Shinryu Versus is born when the cycle and sacrifices reach an apex. The true extent of its strength lies beyond the comprehension of humans.” The world of Dissidia is World B, a mirror image of the world of the first game. As the aforementioned quotation alludes to, along with World B is the alternate timeline for Scenario 000. This also confirms that there are multiple (countless) timelines that spring from World B. The Realms of Fantasy all exist within the Interdimensional Rift. One of the unanswered questions is whether the Extraverse is the same as the Interdimensional Rift or whether the rift is within the Extraverse. From what World of Final Fantasy has shown us, it may be reasonable to assume the latter because of its importance to the worlds outside of the Realms of Fantasy. In V, the Void is sealed inside of the Interdimensional Rift, and in XI, it’s stated that the Void envelopes multiples universes, but the Void is never mentioned in any of the others games outside of the Realms of Fantasy, comfortably limiting its size.

I'm going to create a graph soon perhaps today or next year that details my interpretation of the who shebang
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