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[Spoiler] Speculating Shin's future campaigns as Qin6

Published by Sherlōck in the blog Sherlōck's blog. Views: 50

IMO Shin will be promoted to Qin6 six years after current timeline. After that he will wage war against each state in the ten years it will take Qin to unify China. This is how I think Shin's campaign will go.


Year 17, 230BC

17th year of Zheng’s reign(230BC), governor Teng was tasked to attack the state of Han, crushing the Han army and capturing the king of Han. The lands of Han were absorbed into Qin and was renamed Ying Chuan county.

This year Tou conquered Han. This will be Shin's first campaign as Qin6. He will serve as the deputy of Tou.

Year 18, 229 BC

Shi Ji, The Biographies of Assassins, it was mentioned that Li Xin captured the castles of TaiYuan and YunZhong in the dialogue between the crown prince of Yan and Jing Ke, the assassin he was sending to assassinate Ying Zheng.

Shin will serve as a deputy to OuSen and finally slay Houken in this war.

Year 19, 228BC

This year Shin will fight against Wei. His opponent will be GaiMou.

Year 20, 227BC

This will be Shin's first campaign in Chu. Here he will face a pure instinctual GG like Duke Hyou. It will be someone we haven't seen yet. Someone who has an instinct level either 100 or close. This campaign will test Shin's capability as an instinctual Great General.

Year 21, 226BC

– From Zhan Guo Ce: Ch31, Yan No.3, we know that when Shin was pursuing the king of Yan towards Liaodong(辽东), through the suggestion of the king of Dai, the Yan king killed his own crown prince and gave Qin the crown prince’s head. We can deduce from there that Shin was part of Ousen’s invasion in the line above.

Year 21, 225BC

This is his legendary historical war. Here he will lose. I don't want to discuss this further.

Year 25, 222BC

What we know from manga so far,Shi Ba Shou is the lord of Seika City. He does not wish to engage in battle, except for his city, Seika which is close to Yan's border.

In 229BC, Qin attacked Zhao. Great General RiBoku and and General ShiBaShou were tasked to defend against the attack. Qin bribed a minister who was liked by the King of Zhao, with gold to spread news of RiBoku and ShiBaShou plans to rebel. The king of Zhao sent Zhao Cong and Qi general Yan Ju to replace RiBoku. RiBoku refused but was captured by Zhao men and later executed while ShiBaShou was stripped off his duties. (General) Zhao Cong and the Qi general, Yan Ju, was tasked to replace them. Zhao Cong was defeated and Yan Ju fled.

Dai was a short-lived state from 228 BC to 222 BC during the Warring States Period. Prince Zhao Jia, older brother of King Youmiu of Zhao, fled with the remnant forces to Dai Commandery after the Conquest of Zhao and was proclaimed the new king of Zhao.

In 222BC, Shin and OuHon destroyed the rest of Yan, capturing King of Yan. They also destroyed Dai, capturing King Jia of Dai.

ShiBaShou will be the Great General of Dai. By that time I doubt there will be any renowned Great General in China. Shin will be the one to take him out while OuHon deals with the remnants of Yan. This will also be the first war since he will lose his lieutenants in Chu & his first solo campaign against a Zhao 3 Great Heavens. This win will make up for his loss in Chu.

Year 26, 221BC

-From Shiji: Biographies of Bai Qi and Wang Jian, Shin was in fact involved in final invasions of Qi (and Yan).

So here, both Shin and OuHon was involved in this campaign. So far we know about 3 Qi Generals. They are GanMo, KanShu and DenKaku. Among them GanMo was supposed to be the Commander-in-chief of Qi Army in the Coalition Army.

OuHon, Shin and KyouKai each takes out a General.


Why two Chu invasion? First, I want to see Shin face off against a true instinctual type. And Chu is a land of mystery so why not an instinctual general from there?

Second, as Chu is a superstate I want Shin to have some success against them before his colossal failure later.
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