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Steven Universe - Duke of Strawberries mace slam

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 19


The Duke of Strawberries jumps with a huge metal ball which comes down and whacks it. Scaling the bomy-knocker from Garnets head, which in a previous calc I put at being 0.560031954m high.

23 pixels = 0.560031954m
1 pixel = 0.560031954m/23 = 0.0243492154m
0.0243492154m X 159 = 3.87152525m
3.87152525m/2 = 1.93576262m
0.0243492154m X 24 = 0.58438117m
0.58438117m/2 = 0.292190585m
0.0243492154m X 31 = 0.754825677m

The ball as a sphere and the pointy bits as cylinders (of which I can count 9).

V = πr^2h
= π X 0.292190585^2 X 0.754825677
= 0.20245521761 X 9
= 1.82209695849m^3

V = 4/3πr3
= 4/3 X π X 1.93576262^3
= 30.3839971844m^3

V = 30.3839971844 + 1.82209695849
= 32.2060941429m^3

Medieval weapons (and weapons in general) are made of steel, which weighs 7850kg/m^3.

M = 32.2060941429 X 7850
= 252817.839022kg


Timeframe is 0.16 seconds.

0.0243492154m X 212 = 5.16203366m

T = 5.16203366m/0.16s
= 32.2627104m/s

KE = (0.5)mv^2
= (0.5) X 252817.839022 X 32.2627104^2
= 131576829.932 joules

Let's also add GPE.

E = 1.93576262 X 9.807 X 252817.839022
= 4799499.92725 joules

E = 131576829.932 + 4799499.92725
= 136376329.859 joules
= 0.03259472510970363 tons of TNT

Final Results
Duke of Strawberries mace slam = 0.033 tons of TNT

Could've sworn this would've been higher. :thunk
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