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Steven Universe - Garnet punches block

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 22


Garnet shatters a huge obsidian block. And yes, these kinds of blocks are Obsidian.

In a previous calc, I put Garnet at being 2.14968787m tall.

241 pixels = 2.14968787m
1 pixel = 2.14968787m/241 = 0.00891986668m
0.00891986668m X 517 = 4.61157107m
0.00891986668m X 759 = 6.77017881m
0.00891986668m X 119 = 1.06146413m
0.00891986668m X 163 = 1.45393827m

Volume of the main bulk as a trapezoid, volume of the top bit as half a cube. This is the formula we'll be using for the former;

A = 1/2(a + b)h
= 1/2 X (1.06146413 + 4.61157107) X 6.77017881
= 19.2037313497m^2

V = 19.2037313497 X 4.61157107
= 88.5593719283m^3

V = 1.06146413 X 1.45393827 X 1.45393827
= 2.24386776039/2
= 1.1219338802m^3

V = 88.5593719283 + 1.1219338802
= 89.6813058085m^3

Obsidian's mass varies, but apparently it's typically at 2600kg/m^3 (according to that link at least).

M = 89.6813058085 X 2600
= 233171.395102kg

Timeframe is 0.75 seconds.

150 pixels = 2.14968787m
1 pixel = 2.14968787m/150 = 0.0143312525m
0.0143312525m X 497 = 7.12263249m

T = 7.12263249m/0.75s
= 9.49684332m/s

KE = (0.5)mv^2
= (0.5) X 233171.395102 X 9.49684332^2
= 10514867.9147 joules

That's not all; we'll also go with a low end of violent fragmentation and a high end of pulverization.

(Low end)
E = 88.5593719283 X 69000000
= 6110596663.05 + 10514867.9147
= 6121111530.96 joules
= 1.462980767437859 tons of TNT

(High end)
E = 88.5593719283 X 200000000
= 17711874385.7 + 10514867.9147
= 17722389253.6 joules
= 4.235752689674952 tons of TNT

Final Results
Garnet destroys Obsidian block (low end) = 1.463 tons of TNT
Garnet destroys Obsidian block (high end) = 4.236 tons of TNT

Ultimately a bit feat, but still nice. Also, Garnet can break Obsidian?
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