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Steven Universe - I am Lapis Lazuli

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 85


Lapis rocks her gem tower noticably. Looking at the Mercalli Intensity Scale...

The shaking looks around 4. Given this isn't seizemic though, we'll be using an impact calculator.
Going from my previous calculation, Lapis's ocean tower is 2040100m tall. Messing around with the impact calculator until I got magnitude 4, we get a result of 1.58 x 10^30 Joules (1.58e+30 joules), or 377.62906309751432855 exotons of TNT!

Final Results
Lapis shakes her tower = 377.629 exotons

Holy shit, moon level Lapis! :bookerskully Seriously though, I'm gonna need a second opinion on if this is done right or not. :thunk
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