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Steven Universe - Steven in the sky with Diamonds

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 1115





After Pink Diamond fakes her shattering, the three remaining members of the Diamond Authority cover the Earth in a corrupting light that corrupts all unprotected gem-lifeforms into monsters.
Said attack reaches from beyond the Moon, and the distance to the Moon from Earth is 384,400km, or 384,400,000m. Each time we see a brilliant white light, so that looks to be similar to that of the Sun, or lux 100,000.

L = -2.5 log I - 14.2
= -2.5 log 32,000 - 14.2
= -25.4628749

--25.4628749 = -26.73 - 2.5log((L/3.846*10^26)(146000000000/(384400000))^2)

Once again, going to go through this step by step...

(146000000000/(384400000))^2) = 144257.683
-25.4628749 - -26.73 = 144257.683/((L/3.846*10^26)
1.2671251 = -2.5Log(144257.683/((L/3.846*10^26))
1.2671251/-2.5 = (144257.683/((L/3.846*10^26))
10^(-0.50685004) = (144257.683/((L/3.846*10^26))
0.311279098 = (144257.683/((L/3.846*10^26))
0.311279098 X (3.864*10e26) = 144257.683
1.20278243e27/144257.683 = 8.33773568e21 joules

We'll save that to add everything up at the end. The lights power pushes the clouds aside. First for the mass of the clouds. The clouds were parted considerably. The clouds seem to standard nimbus clouds, which float around 2000m off the ground.

= 2*atan(359/(336/tan(70/2)))
= 0.937267756 rad
= 53.7014866926306524 degrees

Entering that through the angscaler we can get 2025m.

359 pixels = 2025m
1 pixel = 2025m/359 = 5.64066852m
2025m/2 = 1012.5m
5.64066852m X 116 = 654.317548m
654.317548m/2 = 327.158774m
5.64066852m X 134 = 755.849582m
755.849582m/2 = 377.924791m
5.64066852m X 182 = 1026.60167m
1026.60167m/2 = 513.300835m

Volume of both as ellipsoids.

V = 4/3πabc
= 4/3 X π X 1012.5 X 327.158774 X 327.158774
= 453942437m^3

V = 4/3πabc
= 4/3 X π X 377.924791 X 377.924791 X 513.300834
= 307094008m^3

V = 453942437 + 307094008
= 761036445m^3

Mass of a cloud is 1.003m^3.

M = 761036445 X 1.003
= 763319554kg

Next for the timeframe.

0.65 seconds.

T = 2025m/0.65s
= 3115.38462m/s

KE = (0.5) X 763319554 X 3115.38462^2
= 3.70424527e15 joules

E = 8.33773568e21 + 3.70424527e15
= 8.33773938e21 joules
= 1.99276753824 teratons

To finish up, how fast is the beam?

1.07 seconds.

T = 384,400km/1.07s
= 359252336/299792458
= 1.1983368 C

Final Results
Diamonds final attack (energy) = 1.993 teratons
Diamonds final attack (speed) = 1.198 C
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  • TTGL
  • TTGL
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  • TTGL
  • Endless Mike
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