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Steven Universe - Strong in the real way

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 39


Sardonyx swings her hammer casually, which is an incredible feat in itself. To get the volume of the hammer, we'll be scaling from Steven using the average height of a 12 year old boy (that being 58 inches, or 1.4732m).

62 pixels = 1.4732m
1 pixel = 1.4732m/62 = 0.0237612903m
0.0237612903m X 510 = 12.1182581m
0.0237612903m X 264 = 6.27298064m
0.0237612903m X 298 = 7.08086451m
0.0237612903m X 74 = 1.75833548m
1.75833548m/2 = 0.87916774m
0.0237612903m X 256 = 6.08289032m
0.0237612903m X 320 = 7.6036129m

340 pixels = 7.6036129m
1 pixel = 7.6036129m/340 = 0.0223635674m
0.0223635674m X 268 = 5.99343606m

Now we have all the components, let's get the volume of the hammer. Both fists as rectangles and the middle part as a cylinder.

V = lhw
= 7.6036129 X 6.27298064 X 5.99343606
= 285.870816771 X 2
= 571.741633542m^3

V = πr^2h
= π X 0.87916774^2 X 6.08289032
= 14.770777157m^3

V = 571.741633542 + 14.770777157
= 586.512410699m^3

For our mass, we'll go with a low end of aluminium, a mid end of titanium and a high end of steel, which weigh 2600kg/m^3, 4500kg/m^3 & 7850kg/m^3 respectively.

(low end)
M = 586.512410699 X 2600
= 1524932.26782kg

(mid end)
M = 586.512410699 X 4500
= 2639305.84815kg

(high end)
M = 586.512410699 X 7850
= 4604122.42399kg

She swings it in a full arc, so we'll get the distance as the circumference of a circle (from where she's holding it).

C = 2πr
= 2 X π X 7.08086451
= 44.4903838514m

0.19 seconds.

Let's get our energy, shall we?

(low end)
KE = (0.5)mv^2
= (0.5) X 1524932.26782 X 177.961535^2
= 24147537254.4 joules
= 5.771399917399618 tons of TNT

(mid end)
KE = (0.5)mv^2
= (0.5) X 2639305.84815 X 177.961535^2
= 41793814478.8 joules
= 9.9889613955066920425 tons of TNT

(high end)
KE = (0.5)mv^2
= (0.5) X 4604122.42399 X 177.961535^2
= 72906987479.6 joules
= 17.42518821214149 tons of TNT

Final Results
Sardonyx swings her hammer (low end) = 5.771 tons of TNT
Sardonyx swings her hammer (mid end) = 9.989 tons of TNT
Sardonyx swings her hammer (high end) = 17.425 tons of TNT
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