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Steven Universe - Super Watermelon Island

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 26

There's a ton of overlooked feats in the battle between Alexandrite & Malachite. We'll, not for much longer!
1. Build a wall and make the Crystal Gems pay for it

Malachite creates an ice wall to block Alexandrite's attack. Scaling to the wall from Malachite from Alexandrite from Steven, who's head in a previous calc I put at 0.671863183m.

22 pixels = 0.671863183m
1 pixel = 0.671863183m/22 = 0.0305392356m
0.0305392356m X 94 = 2.87068815m
0.0305392356m X 507 = 15.4833924m
0.0305392356m X 77 = 2.35152114m

458 pixels = 2.87068815m
1 pixel = 2.87068815m/458 = 0.00626787806m
0.00626787806m X 147 = 0.921378075m
0.00626787806m X 479 = 3.00231359m

218 pixels = 3.00231359m
1 pixel = 3.00231359m/218 = 0.0137720807m

0.0137720807m X 1070 = 14.7361263m
0.0137720807m X 615 = 8.46982963m

195 pixels = 8.46982963m
1 pixel = 8.46982963m/195 = 0.0434350237m
0.0434350237m X 1107 = 48.0825712m

Volume as a rectangle.

V = lhw
= 14.7361263 X 8.46982963 X 48.0825712
= 6001.3049162m^3

Water weighs 1000kg per m^3.

M = 6001.3049162 X 1000
= 6001304.9162kg (6001304916.2g)

The events of Super Watermelon Island take place right before the Summer of Steven event, so I think it's safe to assume this happened in either Spring or Summer. Mask Island resides within the Atlantic Ocean.

This here shows the average water temperatures off the East coast of America in Spring, se we'll find an average from that.

T = 77 + 76 + 77 + 77 + 81
= 388/5
= 77.6 F

We'll need that in C though, which is 25.33333. Specific heat of water is 4.186 joules per gram.

E = 6001304916.2 X 4.186 X 25.33333
= 636410296535 joules

Before we get our final result, let's add the heat fusion of water, which is 334 kilojoules per kg.

E = 6001304.9162 X 334
= 2004435842.01 kilojoules
= 2.0044358e+12 joules

Finally, to add them both together.

E = 636410296535 + 2.0044358e+12
= 2.6408461e+12 joules
= 631.1773661567878 tons of TNT

2. Not-so-master-hand

Alexandrite evaporates one of Malachites water hands with her flame breath.

51 pixels = 2.35152114m
1 pixel = 2.35152114m/51 = 0.0461082576m
0.0461082576m X 190 = 8.76056894m
0.0461082576m X 219 = 10.0977084m
8.76056894m + 10.0977084m = 18.8582773m
0.0461082576m X 139 = 6.40904781m
6.40904781m/2 = 3.2045239m

Volume as a cylinder.

V = πr^2h
= π X 3.2045239^2 X 18.8582773m
= 608.385591693m^3

M = 608.385591693 X 1000
= 608385.591693kg

Next to calculate the energy to vaporize the water, the values of which can be found here.

E = 608385.591693 X 2.26 X 10^6
= 1.3749514e+12 joules
= 328.6212715105162 tons of TNT

Take in mind it would ultimately be even higher, because I couldn't be bothered getting the volume of the fingers. Maybe later.

Final Results
Malachite's ice wall = 631.177 tons of TNT
Alexandrite evaporates water hand = >328.622 tons of TNT

And Lapis alone and each of the Crystal Gems have better than this in anycase.
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