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Steven Universe - The interdimensional outerspace being!

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 156


Stevens astral projection flies from Homeworld to Earth in moments, and finds the Earth and lights it up. And given that Homeworld is explicitly in another galaxy...
...this is going to be impressive.
The nearest major galaxy is the Andromeda galaxy (2,000,000 light years away, or 1.8921461e+22m), which is also one of the few galaxies visible to the naked eye.

15.68 seconds.

T = 1.8921461e+22m/15.68s
= 1.2067258e+21/299792458
= 4025204000000 C

That's impressive, and not the first FTL feat in the series to boot. But wait; there's more!


Steven causes the Earths position to light up, once again on the astral plane. The light is certainly much brighter than the stars around it, though it's hard to judge how much, although Steven isn't blinded by looking at it, so I'll go with the apparent magnitude of the Moon (which has an apparent magnitude of -12.6).

--12.6 = -26.73 - 2.5log((L/3.846*10^26)(146000000000/(1.8921461e+22))^2)

We'll split this into parts to work with...

(146000000000/(1.8921461e+22))^2) = 5.9538293e-23
-12.6 - -26.73 = 5.9538293e-23/((L/3.846*10^26)
14.13 = -2.5Log(5.9538293e-23/((L/3.846*10^26))
14.13/-2.5 = (5.9538293e-23/((L/3.846*10^26))
10^(-5.652) = (5.9538293e-23/((L/3.846*10^26))
0.00000222843 = (5.9538293e-23/((L/3.846*10^26))
0.00000222843 X (3.864*10e26) = 3.8104592e-19
8.6106535e+21/5.9538293e-23 = 1.4462379e+44/10^44 = 1.4462379 FOE

Final Results
Steven astral projects to Earth = 4025204000000 C
Steven locates the Earth in the astral plane = 1.446 FOE

The speed is consistent with other FTL feats in the series like Lapis flying to the edge of the galaxy and back and the Diamonds corrupting light. As for the energy, we'll need more feats like that (and out of the astral plane too), but word of god has said that there were galaxy-shaking events in the past...
...so I expect more feats of this magnitude in the future.
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