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Steven Universe - Yellow gives a hand

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 49


Yellow Diamonds handship shakes the planet down to its very core by hitting it where the Cluster resides. The Cluster resides at the very centre of the planets core.
I'll be looking at my old Cluster calc and God Movements Whitebeard calc for help. The area in miles is needed, and the depth in mm. Given the ground noticably shook and created waves, I'd say it would rank as 4 to 5 on the Mercalli Intensity Scale.

The radius of the Earth is 6371km, or 3959 miles. Given the nomogram creating website doesn't work for me, I'll go around this another way. First off, as God Movement says in his blog...
So we just need to times our result by 10 by each magnitude. Let's try with our own nomogram;

With a magnitude of 4.0, an amplitude of 200 and a distance of 680km, we can now get to increasing the magnitude. 680km fits into 6371km 9.369 times.

Amp = 200 X 10 X 9.369
= 18738

Then we need to divide our distance by 5.7.

3959/5.7 = 694.561403509

log(base10)18738+3log(base10)[8*694.518596491]-2.92 = Magnitude 12.58704

Enter that through the earthquake calculator...

Magnitude 12.58704 = 4.7924765884568E+23 joules = 114.54293949466539004 teratons

Final Results
Yellow Diamonds handship shakes the planet = 114.543 teratons
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