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The highs and lows of job hunting, part III

Published by martryn in the blog martryn is better than you. Views: 137

A month or two in Spring 2008
I moved into my mom's house for a while until I found work, which I did almost immediately with a company called Schlumberger. I'll go into greater detail in part III of this blog. Most of this time was waiting to start my job so, since I had nothing else to do, I sat on my ass and was online a lot. This really pissed off my little brother because I was staying in the game room off of his bedroom

The rest of Spring 2008-Summer 2008
The job was near Houston, so I decided to move down there with my aunt for a while. Stayed a few months, I guess. She's something else. I moved into my little cousin's room, and she was kicked out into sharing a bed with my aunt. My aunt was going through a bad divorce, and her new job had her traveling a lot out of town for days, so I was mostly there to babysit. But my aunt is also fucked up in the head. She pretends as if she's got a lot more money than she does. We'd go out to eat every night, and she'd spend hundreds of dollars on clothes for me that I might or might not wear. It was frustrating to watch. She'd also call early in the morning for no fucking reason except to wake me up. And my cousins are little bitches. The youngest is Satan spawn, I swear it. Luckily I started work before too long.

Three weeks in the early Fall 2008
Lots of training when you just get hired and before you go on location. I was in Houston for a week, Tulsa for a week, and then Lafayette for a week. That last week in Lafayette, though, Mary came to visit for the first time. It was pretty much love at first sight. I no longer wanted to work 90 hour weeks. I wanted to spend my time with Mary. So I quit my job. More on that in the next blog.

One month in Fall 2008
Having no where to go, I spent a month living with Josh and Diana again (Diana decided she really liked me again for some reason) in Houston. Their apartment there was one bedroom, smallest place I've lived yet. It wasn't too bad, but I couldn't put up with it for long. They had two dogs, and neither is potty trained, so I'd wake up and all around me would be piss and shit everywhere. Hanging out with them was fun, but I didn't like intruding so much, so I moved in with my aunt again for a week before returning home.

And that brings us up to speed. I'm looking for work again, living in my mom's house in Fort Smith. My eldest little sister has left for college, and I'm back in her old room. Different house, same circumstances, really. ​

Fuck it, I'll do a part IV instead of trying to update this later. Part IV to come soon.
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