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The Incal - Shadow Egg vapourizes a space fleet

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 193

A Shadow Eggs of the Technopriests atomizes an entire space fleet in nanoseconds. A nanosecond is 1e-9th of a second. Using red dwarfs as our value. By getting the average of a red dwarf stars sizes (highest and lowest here) we get a size of 539800km in diameter.

= 2*atan(245/(253/tan(70/2)))
= 0.860349319 rad
= 49.2943848857768074 degrees

The distance to the dying star is 588230km. As it says nanoseconds, that means it took multiple nanoseconds. We'll go with a low end of 30 and a high end of 2.

(Low end)

T = 1e-9 X 30
= 588230km/3.0e-8
= 1.96076667e16/299792458
= 65404136 C

(High end)

T = 1e-9 X 2
= 588230km/2.0e-9s
= 2.94115e17/299792458
= 981062039 C

Final Results

Shadow Egg atomizes space fleet (low end) = 65404136 C
Shadow Egg atomizes space fleet (high end) = 981062039 C
  • Endless Mike
  • Endless Mike
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