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The Metabarons - Faster than time

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 230


Honorata creates a time fissure where 5 minutes flows by like 20 years. She passed this technique onto her son and through him to the other Metabarons.

First let's find how fast Honorata is within this time fracture (thank you to Iwandesu).
Even outside time fissures, the Metabarons can move at lightspeed.

From what I've seen, lightspeed reactions are about 1 nanoseconds from the OBD page (1e-9th of a second). 5 minutes contains 300 seconds. I year contains 31556926 seconds.

T = 31556926 X 20
= 1e-9/631138520
= 1m/1.58443823e-18s
= 6.3113852e17/299792458
= 2105251490 C

Final Results
Honorata's time accelerated reactions = 2.807% C
Metabarons time accelerated reactions = 2105251490 C

Steelhead, Aghora & No Name would be capable of replicating this, as they decended from Honorata and would have been taught this in their intense childhood training. Albino also knows this technique.

  • Kaaant
  • Endless Mike
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