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The Metabarons - Steelheads sacrifice

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 336


Steelhead self destructs and destroys a galaxy-sized super evolved space parasite. It was stated here and here that a Metabaron contains enough weapons to destroy an entire galaxy. Let's go with the Milky Way, which is 100000 lightyears in diameter (9.46073e+20m).

1068 pixels = 9.46073e+20m
9.46073e+20m/2 = 4.730365e20m
1 pixel = 9.46073e+20m/1068 = 8.85836142e17m
8.85836142e17m X 423 = 3.74708688e20m
3.74708688e20m/2 = 1.87354344e20m
8.85836142e17m X 300 = 2.65750843e20m
2.65750843e20m/2 = 1.32875421e20m
8.85836142e17m X 227 = 2.01084804e20m
8.85836142e17m X 246 = 2.17915691e20m
8.85836142e17m X 46 = 4.07484625e19m
4.07484625e19m/2 = 2.03742312e19m

The interior of the supra-louse seems kinda fleshy (as seen here and here) so we'll be using the pulverization of flesh as our value for the legs (which is 12.9 joules/cm^3, or 12900000 joules/m^3) and vaporization of flesh for the body (which is 72416.33 joules/cm^3s, or 72416330000 joules/m^3). Volume of the central body as an ellipsoid.

V = 4/3πabc
= 4/3 X π X 1.87354344e20 X 1.87354344e20 X 1.32875421e20
= 1.95371314e61m^3

E = 1.95371314e61 X 72416330000
= 1.41480735e72 joules

V = πr^2h
= π X 2.03742312e19^2 X 2.01084804e20
= 2.62235561e59m^3

V = πr^2h
= π X 2.03742312e19^2 X 2.17915691e20
= 2.84184794e59m^3

V = 2.62235561e59 + 2.84184794e59
= 5.46420355e59 X 8
= 4.37136284e60m^3

E = 4.37136284e60 X 12900000
= 5.63905806e67 joules

E = 1.41480735e72 + 5.63905806e67
= 1.41486374e72/10^44
= 1.41486374e28
= 14.1486374 YOTTAFOE

Final Results

Steelhead self destructs = 14.149 YOTTAFOE
  • Endless Mike
  • TTGL
  • Endless Mike
  • TTGL
  • Endless Mike
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