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The Reason for Which I Like to Challenge and Question Social Mores and Taboos

Published by DemonDragonJ in the blog The Halls of Liberated Enlightenment. Views: 140

Recently, other users have been asking me why I like to write threads that contain controversial content or discuss controversial subjects, so i shall explain why I like to do so in this blog entry here.

The reason for which I challenge and question social mores and taboos is that I wish to encourage people to engage in rational and logical thought about those beliefs. I want people to actually wonder why those beliefs exist, rather than simply accepting them unquestioningly. This is an extension of my general outlook on life for wanting proof of or a reason for everything that I learn and am told by other people. I never do something or accept a belief unless I know why it exists, because I believe that being forewarned is being forearmed.

I do not necessarily oppose certain social beliefs, but I do wish to ensure that people do not adhere to those beliefs unless the understand why they are doing so, so that those people will be more free-minded and not be as susceptible to being influenced by the majority or powerful entities, such as the government or private corporations.

In conclusion, that is the reason for which I like to question social taboos. I hope that this post is informative for any users who read it.
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